Autoplaying video on techweez

I opened the techweez home page and was assaulted by an autoplaying youtube video. Please don’t join the bandwagon. I’m on Kenya’s largest ISP and we all know it’s also Kenya’s most expensive ISP so please play nice.


I don’t recall setting any video on autoplay, and I’m the homepage editor, sorry about that. This is something I personally detest.

AutoPlay videos chases me away from webpages/articles since 1963. Halafu kuna some websites. You pause the video. You scroll after 5 seconds video tena iaanza kucheza.

But I’m yet to encounter an autoplay video on Techweez

kama techcrunch na cnet :persevere:

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I checked again and it only happens on chrome, tried safari and forefox, and it did not autoplay. Seems it’s only on my end so there’s probably something going on with my extensions.

You literally gave me a panic. just check your extensions and let us know which one is making you see ads on Techweez.

All Royal Media websites and associates

havent noticed any video autoplays so far on Opera browser but there are websites that have a nasty habit of autoplaying videos…

I have seen that auto playing video. It’s a Safaricom ad served by Eskimo.

Just got hit by the Safaricom autoplay video this morning smh

I usually wonder whether those give value to the client or its just driving up the numbers reported without actual ad views.