Autopilot Test For VW Touareg in Nairobi

Last weekend had some time home :house: coz dint have classes, being that I have always admired infotainment in cars and have been watching how amazing they are in YouTube especially the autopilot test in tesla model S thought it was time to test if its real so asked my brother out asked him to help me set up the system and we were set to go all that is required is your location where u heading to and guess what you even given suggestions of shortcuts and given real time Traffic :traffic_light: information. So its upon u to choose the route set the time u want to take and the maximum speed though I did the test for a short distance due to fear and lack of trust in the autopilot system I must say it’s real and very interesting to use and learn. I will definitely try it again and again till I get comfortable with it.

Hey, what tools did you use and what were you testing in what environment (what VW?)
How was the setup? What are the prerequisites?

the precaution is keeping your eyes on the road since autopilot in vw tuareg is temporary and all u need is to be connected so that the car can connect to google maps to monitor transport in the road u using. Since the vw I was in had sensors and camera fixed at round to sense the lines and marks on the road it isn’t that hard to set up since most cars nowadays are automatic

This is quite interesting. I wish you gave us more information on your experience though. Like which road you used and such.

Also, the Auto pilot, did it come pre-installed on the car or it’s a third-party system?

Autopilot on Kenyan roads is far from feasible,its outright dangerous even lol.The technology is still being developed and kenyan roads are poorly designed compounded with the fact that we have lots of drivers on the road who disregard traffic rules and regulations thus creating lots of complex variables that an autonomus vehicle cant handle locally.Still i must admit,this autopilot test your are undertaking should be a quite interesting activity,just be ready for anything.I am sure even Kenyan traffic police wont believe a car can drive itself,they may think you are mad if they catch you lol.

The model i used for the test was a Uk model actually imported from uk so the autopilot is pre-installed but the user needs to activate it besides the car got sensors and 360 degrees camera all round for lane sensitivity on the dash board there are light indicators in a line where wen u very close to an object they turn red and the car automatically slows down and green wen u furthest from and objects the autocross/autocruise feature is limited to 90km/hr. The car model is VW tuareg TDI

is that really autopilot ama its just driver assisting technology? i wonder

What do we call a car driving itself without the driver acceleration and stepping on the brake literally wat i meant was using Google maps to key locations and start the car and leave the rest to it but it wasn’t for a long distance ju ya kutense

Well,Pascal that a form of autopilot combined with some driver assisting tech but we are still very far from full autonomy for cars especially locally.Try out and let us know how the vehicle handles signage,speed information and unpredictable variables like traffic,accidents and rowdy drivers.Even within Nairobi its still reckless to conduct this but let us know what happens,we are all interested in this outcome.

GeoHot the famous ps3 hacker is developing autopilot for normal cars on the road.

I cant do this besides the SUV isnt mine so i wouldn’t want risk causing accident with my brother’s car…

We call this cruise control. The self-driving sounds like something Google has been working on in the US for a while now currently called Waymo. I’ve provided a link if you’re up for some reading.

From what I read on this Wikipedia page, the tech that Google uses is far more advanced but it sounds like a similar thing. Interestingly, for Google cars to drive themselves, they use very high definition inch-precise maps of the area and some processing is done on remote computers. I think the kind of maps that such a system needs can only be generated by Google Street view cameras. Luckily, I see that Google Street view has mapped quite a bit of Kenya so it might not be so impractical after all. What might let us down a lot is legislation. Even in the US only a handful of states have made laws to govern self-driving cars. Here’s the link.

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Thank you for doing the explanation and coming to my rescue at least we on the same page with u i didn’t know how to explain it

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From what I have read and my understanding, what you experienced was Driving Assistance technology, i.e., adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and possibly blind spot monitoring