Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems

ooph, 20k will be really tough in Kenya and Amazon. In Kenya 20K will get you very dated system, while on Amazon US you’ll need a stepdown transformer. I’d suggest you save to at least to 50K (vile you saved for TV, trust me you’ll thank yourself) and get something like Sony STR DH590 or DH790, or Yamaha RX-V385. These should be really good as a starting point. Please don’t compromise.


Six months :joy:. Okay nimekuskia mkuu. 2022 it is.

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: If you buy something really bad you’ll end up spending more money to get something else, including the fact that in Kenya reselling an AVR is not as easy as elsewhere. Do not be in hurry.

Not worth the sacrifice? I’ve been doing the mental math kwa ofisi na ni tricky… How about he does a 2.0 or 2.1 setup first with a simple optical audio amp and later upgrades to a recent AVR for multi channel?

Yeah I love the M-Audio BX5 D2 so I am thinking of getting those in the meanwhile for music.

I’ve learned the hard way that patience really pays :laughing:. If you spend 50K on the bare minimum for a good experience, you’ll not need to upgrade in like 2 years, allowing you to focus on good speakers and, eventually, a sub.

However, if Wiz doesn’t care much about movies, then he can go ahead and invest in a 2.0 or 2.1 system.

If I were Wiz with that TV, I would not do it injustice by investing in a stereo system. I’d rather wait. There’s nothing good about stereo system in content consumtion (movies). All movies today are at least 5.1

The bare minimum for great movie experience is 3.1 so that at least you have something moving around at the front stage (left center right).

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Hiyo naona ikiwa future project. I will stick to a good 2.0 for the moment.

The challenge is I rarely watch those movies. Currently watching South Korean movies :joy:. If I was a blockbuster/thrillers kind of person then a good system would be a priority. The best movie I have watched this year was dead silent 90% of the time (The Human Condition (1959) | The Criterion Collection).

I really looove Korean movies. Eg Peninsula, Train to Busan, Parasite, Ashfall, Okja, etc all using surround properly…My point is, no movie today is in stereo. Ata those silent movies have ambience in the surround speakers. I also just finished watching Squid Games tv show last night on Netflix, a relatively silent Korean stuff but good surround sound.

Also, if something happens in the back, the director will make sure that sound is coming from the back. It’s difficult to explain this to you if you’ve never experienced surround sound. But once you experience it, you can never go back.

If the movies you’ve watched are in stereo, it is because the place you got them from stripped away surround content. I honestly cannot demonstrate this properly in writing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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I understand you but bado nilibuy BX5 . I got a pair for 21,000 new. The music while connected to the TV is unbelievable. Hapo kwa movie shida. However for music, these are the best sounding speakers I have ever heard. They also have very light bass which is something I love. In the far future I will invest in a 7.1 for movies but for now I think the BX5 represent incredible value for poor audiophiles.


Audiophiles in the house, do you get 16 Bit or 24 Bit Music… Is the quality worth the extra file size…

  • 16 Bit Music
  • 24 Bit Music

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Honestly I stopped downloading music. In my case, listening to both at reasonable volumes is unlikely to be that different. It’s almost inaudible. Unlike in the movies whereby the difference between lossy and lossless tracks is night and day.

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did you get to listen to jbl sound bars and how would you rate them ,

Some of the worst :expressionless::sob:. I was surprised especially considering how hyped they are online. It felt like the subwoofer and soundbar were not in sync. I am talking about the SB 160.

Sony sounbars had relatively good sound but they sounded exactly like my TV but a higher volume.

Samsung soundbars had terrible sound.

Hisense soundbars were actually surprising quite good but sounded exactly like the TV.

The Xiaomi cinema edition soundbar was actually very good but it has no remote so you have to adjust the volume manually. If you look at the Xiaomi soundbar it si quite wide and long so I guess that’s why it sounds better.

Overall, none of the soundbars under 30k were good enough to replace the TV speakers.

*The Sony soundbar that costs 14k was very good. The cost also makes sense and would serve parents very well.

Now that nimezitumia for a while nitasema kuskzia music na monitors ni experience different :joy:. You can tell that the job ya producers ukua kubwa sana but huwa tuna focus na musicians tu. I had also suggested they are not good for movie watching but I was wrong. They are excellent kwa movies especially because dialogue itakua excellent. Anyways sa zimenipea motisha ya kusave for Samms 5.1.

Got the sams 5.0, then added some Minx Mini 12 for Surround… Sub remaining now…

Vision 2023 kwangu. Enjoys bana


Si poa vile ume generalize hapa…considering the one’s you had experience with are all very low budget stuff. If you want to judge them fairly, listen to their flagships or at least something close to them… in this case things like Bar 9.1, Q950A, etc. Nothing budget from any company is actually representative of what they can do. Ata Mercedes ukinunua A-series you’ll hate the brand :grinning:

Hi guys, new on the forum. Nice to find some audiophiles. Am torn between getting a JBL 9.1 soundbar or building my own AVR from scratch. I would like to pair it with a Sony 65X90J. Any recommendations would be great.

Well am a separates myself, so my advise would be really biased… Go the separates route and the beauty of it you can add stuff slowly slowly… as budget allows…

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Then i guess i should start with a centre speaker, a receiver and a subwoofer. Then later get a pair of in ceiling speakers and floor standing speakers. This will cost a pretty penny, i should visit Electrohub and get my math right. Last time i was there, they have a option of Lipa pole pole, wish i had started then (four months ago) i would have picked up my first set up in a few weeks. Its the only shop i have come across with a setup i would like to have together with warranty on all their products.

I looking for a set up that will last this decade. A decent 4k or a starter 8k receiver should do the job. Am more interested in dialogue/clarity in movies (decent surround effects) and podcasts. My music taste is pretty much old school hip hop '90’s only, none of this new stuff, so that’s basically bass. Also something I can stream music on like Spotify or TuneIn Radio.

Bookshelf speakers are also an option, but a have a tiny one who might keep knocking down the speakers, that’s why am considering in ceiling speakers.