Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems

I guess there is no thread for music enthusiasts so I set this one up. Are there no audiophiles in Kenya :smiley: ama ni vile huwa zina cost 100k kuset up hizo ma system. Thinking of getting bookshelf speakers to replace my 5.1 Creative speakers. Creative speakers lack any form of bass but otherwise excellent sound quality for the price.

My friend, being an audiophile in Kenya is expensive… Acquiring perfect monitors is mostly through importing stuff.

Most cans tend to lean towards bass (which is not a bad thing btw), but cheap ones will start sounding shitty at high volumes.

Kwa systems, creative speakers are almost perfect for editors since bass is not as heavy, they are well balanced. If you need a well balanced sound system chukua HiFi stereo system (2.1) za sony for music or home theatre for movies… in my opinion.

Ukitaka kutetemesha plot ensure your system has at least 1000 watts RMS (do not confuse it with marketing gimmick P.M.P.O). 2000 -4000 watts RMS ni overkill (but really nice :joy:)

I am no audiophile but i have kind of developed a taste for great audio…Personally,I have an LG LHD657 1000W Home theater system that packs a punch and delivers great audio for all the content i watch/listen to.Also i have a pair of creative 2.0 desk speakers for my Home PC whose quality is quite good…I also have a pair of earphones,Nice Headphones and a bluetooth earpiece which all complement various aspects of my listening experience.

Anyone here set up a DIY Home Entertainment System. Interested to know the costs and hassle involved …

I spent 30K on mine,then unboxed it and mounted it all up…it was pretty simple to set it up.

Which kind of system

Which system …?!

A 5.1 Home theater system (4 Tower speakers,A small Speaker and Subwoofer…

How much on the amplifier

I don’t think building your own home entertainment system is the best way to go… especially in sound department. If all the components cost around 20k or less… I think its fine. If its more, just pick a damn home theater that is tuned by professionals. Tuning sound in a room is not the same as tuning it in a Mathree.

There are some guys who buy amps and speakers for a “better” sound system, but acoustically it will always be inferior to an equivalent pre-built system. You need to be a good sound engineer (in my opinion) to balance your sound appropriately on a DIY project.

As an example, there are some guys who had such systems in their houses, and it sounded just fine (bass mostly), but since a concrete room is not designed to absorb all that rumbling, stepping outside just a few meters was pure noise to all neighbors. They mostly sound like someone locked a Rongai mathree in his/her room and left.

You can tell a good system by just listening it from outside. Pre-built ones (especially when tuned by Dolby Audio) are really good (Sonys mostly). Another most annoying part about DIY systems are the tweeters. Most people just buy a few and attach them to a system for “better” highs…

In my opinion.

Mmm. Good insight. So any good recommendations for a budget less than 100k …

If you use the mathree system it will be money wasted because the bass will be extreme, spoken with experience from my brothers system.

Audiophiles believe in assembling their own ssytem. I’m not one of them but from the many Kenyan online forums, I’ve read the following brands like Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Denon, JBL, Pioneer etc. The prices rival that of a 10 year old Vitz or Demio.( Kshs320,000 )and above.

check the image below.

Haha I checked the prices of Harman Kardon some time back when I wanted to set up a DIY sound system that could support Dolby Atmos and I gave up. The prices are really high and that is just the head unit. Unapata used going for 100k. Add a decent sub woofer and surround speakers and you are clocking 200k. A rational consumer in Kenya would do just what @Omgitsdes is saying. Get a home-theater that is tuned by experts and it will do just fine. I have one of those Sony DZs and it works great for a living room. Also dont even think of checking Bose home systems because you’ll be shocked they cost the same as a whole car.

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In my opinion this is driven by what you want in a system. If its purely for music then a good 2.1 system with reasonably high fidelity speakers and an AVR with the right amount of power and output/inputs would do. With the influx of AVRs in the Kenyan market you wouldn’t lack one at the 50k range for the AVR to a total of around 80-90k with speakers. For movies then add the extras to make it a 5.1 system and you will be looking at roughly 90-150k dependent on the components you choose. Note that you can make this a project and just do it over time.

There is a shop in town along Tom Mboya street that used to stock very decent speakers mostly BIC America’s at a good price point. It all depends on how big you want to go.

When I assembled my system about 3 years ago I used a Marantz NR1604 + a pair of BIC Dv64 towers + DV-62CLRS center + a pair of Dv32 for the back + V1020 Sub. I got all the speakers from that Tom Mboya shop at good prices can’t remember specifics but it wasn’t expensive. The BIC America brand is a good option for those on the budget will give you about the same sound quality as the Polks and Klipschs at a good price. Don’t go for the over priced Harman Kardon etc instead look at the Denons, Onkyo, Yamaha etc with the specs that you want Dolby, Dolby Atmos, Network capabilities etc.

Having used both the Home theater in a box (mostly Sony) option and now the DIY I would vouch for the DIY any day if you have the patience to assemble your pieces. Music gets a new life and the movies are just so much better.


I like good sound, I cannot call myself an audiophile though, I got the sony DZ 950 at 45k a few months ago, it’s a really nice system with satisfying bass even at low volume and nice surround sound dolby of course, then I saw the e6100 sony, it was 55k, so I sold the dz 950 and got it, the sound is excellent and it plays the audiophile format FLAC files, these FLAC have huge sizes eg a Michael Jackson album is 2.8 GB audio but I heard things I had not heard all my life, it a really nice one, the plus with the e6100 is it has online capability so with my dumb tv I can still enjoy smart tv like privileges.
I checked some receivers like Yamaha, denon and harman kardon an decided that I am too poor to even continue, I see sijui doly atmos on them even an LG sound bar with atms going for 100+ k, so unless you have loads of cash get a sony or LG home theater the 1000 watt RMS one start at 30-60k.

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The prices involved in this thread :worried::worried:. The good thing is a well maintained audio system will last a while not one year like these smarphones (sic).


True,i have had mine for a year now and will probably be using it for the next 8 years if possible.Its been offering me great audio service and i have learnt it has new capabilities like the Dolby atmos over Bluetooth and TV audio over HDMI/Optical Audio…

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In addition to what @kiharajon says about the 1000 watt Sony home theaters, I would recommend that you stay away from tall boy versions. Those are the ones that have tall stands for the rear speakers. Most of the time you’ll get a version of an ordinary home theater with exactly the same audio performance as a tall boy but that costs more than 5k less. Eg. Dav dz350 and Dav dz650.

There’s nothing wrong with doing some DIY and mounting the stand-less rear speakers on a wall because you get the exact same audio.

I got 4 tall boys and they do a great job especially on football mode…actually that has been like the default mode my speakers have been in…They always give me that immersive feel especially when i am watching 3D content or 3D movies on my TV…