Audio/Visual Streaming Quality - My Nerdy Views

Here are the quality experiences and ratings I have for streaming platforms this year mostly;

Disney+ (6/10) - A little underwhelming overall but visuals are above average. It also has 5.1. audio so that’s something.

Netflix (7/10) - I find the colors a bit over the top. Good for the most part but audio not there yet.

Amazon Prime (8/10) - Better visuals than Netflix and audio is right up there almost with DirectTV.

Hulu (9/10) - The visuals are orgasmic. Amazing color balance. Audio is up there with Amazon Prime.

Showmax (4/10) - There audio-video quality is high enough for satisfactory watching but not good enough to be noticed by nerds.

DirectTV (9/10) - The audio here will blow your mind. Crisp and well balanced. The video quality is also way above average.

My biased thoughts though.


Well between showmax have never seen a difference in Quality…
Just the App…