Attempt to Register a PVT Company on e-Citizen is a mess

Micheal is quite the engaging person to follow on Twitter, so it’s not irregular to see him comment on things he interacts with in the Kenya tech (and finance) space. I will embed his tweets as he paints a gloomy picture of his attempt to register a PVT company in Kenya

For a country that prides itself to work on easing the struggle of doing business, this is a major low. Considering how much PR e-citizen has had in the recent past, the same hurdles one needed to go through to register a limited company still exist.

I did try registering a company online, it was so frustrating, I gave up and went the manual way.

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Martin if you remember sometime back I also shared my frustrations on the process. I ended up sending an email to the cabinet secretary, Joe Mucheru who called and promised to sort it. After several other attempts my application was taken offline and closed. I can confidently say the online process does not work.

Sabotage, passport and driving license working like clockwork

I agree, this looks like sabotage, there was an industry disrupted by the moving of company registrations online. They won’t go without a fight.