Artificial Intelligence - Getting A Few Facts Straight

Artificial Intelligence == Conscience
There is a lot of needless association and paranoia in the media concerning AI. While almost no one in the mainstream media is ready to acknowledge the concept by its real name (Deep Learning), the narrative being spun about Job Destroying Killer Robots, has taken a new life of its own.
This infuriates me personally because I have been closely invested in Machine Learning from quite a while. AI has done more GOOD than bad historically. They’re not STEALING jobs, as much as they’re REPLACING the tedium within those sectors.
As I see it, humans engineer AI, and whatever malice they have accrued over the years, has been at the hands of humanity.
Machine Learning is a very interesting field, one that needs to be invested in the near future. Sadly, we’re at a time in history, when AI taking over grueling jobs done by poor, people is being frowned upon.
Your Thoughts?

What about in cases where AI announces some rude facts to people about them. Like AI announcing to a man that the wife is pregnant before even the wife knows it?


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Some time in future an AI created with good intentions will go Rogue and doom us all.

We might not be there yet but we are definitely heading there…

AI development is inevitable,we need to move our world,labour and workforce to prepare for this and ensure that even if AI takes over jobs,it doesn’t replace income and it doesn’t replace purpose.AI should work towards empowering humanity not replacing it.

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How is that even possible unless humans program to engineer ai otherwise? These DL bots can be ‘fed’ only what their programmers intend. There are those bots that have been fed vitriol off the internet, which makes them speak reflecting the violent rhetoric that goes on sites like Reddit. However, until the machine acknowledges the arbitration between GOOD and BAD… these terms hardly mean anything to it.

We have developed AIs with the capacity to self learn and auto adjust over time to the different conditions without necessarily having explicit human intervention/ guidance

Of course with time they can go Rogue on their own…

Agreed! Artificial Intelligence has encapsulated almost every sphere of our modern life. Its only fair to believe that their ubiquity will become universal. My two cents are that through ML and DL, we can mitigate most of the menial work that we do otherwise - like low paying, labor-intensive jobs. We can THEN focus more on higher operational strategies.
The problem here lies in the fact that there is too much misinformation through the media, about robotic takeovers and that sort. But in actuality, this is just hyperbole.

Nobody is saying that AI is bad and should not be adopted. Likewise you should also not bury your head in the sand to the Probability of AI going Rogue sometime in future…

I agree with you on this. An AI will definitely go rogue some time in the distant dystopian future.