Are You Excited about Motorola bringing the Moto Z to Kenya?

@echenze posted yesterday that Lenovo was in the process of launching the Motorola Moto Z in Kenya, before the end of this month. Personally, I am excited by this news, I love Motorola devices and it is a blessing if we could have them available locally once again. However, I was excited about Xiaomi and Willeyfox as well and they disappointed. So what do you think of this Motorola news? Are you excited? Will you buy? Or do you think they’ll just push one device and then disappear on us?

Moto was a solid device factory, and if they bring that mojo into 2017 they will be good. There is something like Nokia about Motorola, even though they have been away, we remain hopeful that they can bring in solid devices in the market that will make heads turn. Motorola has executed very good mid rangers and if that’s anything to go by, then we can stay hopeful.

Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility now but i’m glad they leave the creative work to the old team. Motorola has been making some awesome devices lately and the Moto Z is no exception. If only my pocket was more cooperative :disappointed:

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Moto Z2 is about to get released people and I am yet to see anyone in Kenya with the Moto Z.

i am not excited

I also like the phone. I wish my pocket would cooperate too.

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really wanted them to introduce the lenovo p2, may be my next phone when this infinix retires

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