Are there fake sony home theatres in the market

could there be fake sony hometheatres in the market and how does one identify one coz I found one seller selling them, at a low price… a sonydz 650 going for 24,000 KSHS

DZ 950 and 650 are quite outdated and the newer BDV with internet access are ones I see, so the older models are just adjusting. I got the 950 for 38k, it works with the sony tv so I guess it’s genuine.

These HTIBs are dying a slow death, mostly because of soundbars. They are no longer the go-to solutions that people used to hype. These days, you either buy a soundbar or a dedicated home theatre system with AVR, passive speakers, and powered subs.

HTIBs tried to replace dedicated systems, but their low sound quality, clutter, and consumer knowledge worked against them. At least soundbars seem practical (simple plug and play wireless etc), despite suffering from subpar sound quality too compared to dedicated systems.