Are Lumias and smartphones running Windows in general still relevant?

So we woke up to a nice scoop by @Kaluka on TechArena that Microsoft will be making official all its new Lumias in the Kenyan market next month (February). Then, of course, we did our due diligence and got confirmation from the right quarters that indeed all the three devices will be in the market come February. Then we had this interesting reply to our tweet:

This makes me wonder. Are Lumias (and just about any other smartphones running on Windows mobile) still relevant? I think they are but from that tweet there is quite a number of people who think all is lost. For a start, I may be halfway into being part of that group for various reasons. What do you think?

Microsoft made it clear that the new Lumia 950XL was meant for long time windows fans who needed an update. It was never for people locked in other ecosystems. It’s relevance and WPs at large equally ends there.


This recent news doesn’t help matters either. People are using 2-3 year old Lumias