Apps for travelling

Hi there.

What is your favourite app while travelling? I always use Google maps.

Thanks in advance.

I hate to admit that we mostly don’t have much options for such apps (if by travelling you mean directions). Waze and google maps are from the same business. We all know the shortcomings of Apple and Here maps. Google is generations ahead…

In April I ran a project, asking pro bloggers about their favourite travel apps. Google maps got 63% of voices.
You can read more about it here:
No competitors…aye

Haha! I saw this link bait coming a mile away. :joy::joy:


Oops, sorry. I did not mean to do any link building here. :joy:

was just sharing my thoughts about it :blush:

:joy::joy::joy: I suspected since the answer was obvious

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Sorry to be predictable, but I really did not think of it. Argh

Related to travelling but on camping etc, the app is overlander it gives you the camping sites accessible by 4x4 or by small saloon cars,it’s like a Facebook for car campers for example if this December you are taking your person to Mombasa make the journey an experience check to stop points, visit all of them let the Nairobi Mombasa trip take 3 days, it’s well worth it some camps are as cheap as 70 bob per head eg the one at shimba hills, with security,toilet and bathroom included. it’s an international app you fill like crossing the border