Apps depend more and more on location sharing, that needs innovation

Now the title is quite vague as to what I intend to discuss. Remember when it was a pain in the ankles to keep Bluetooth on for connectivity beyond simple file sharing? The tech industry introduced Bluetooth Low Energy that’s quite useful for projecting audio to external sound hardware, to make personal entertainment from the phone easier. With this introduction, you can commute while you listen to podcasts on a Bluetooth device without wither your battery draining like like it’s a Blackberry or needing to use the cabled headset instead.

We need the same changes in location sharing. A good proportion of the apps I use on the phone depend on turning on and sharing location. Starting with taxi apps, Google Now (or any smart assistant), navigation apps, mobile loans apps and many more type of apps work when one has location turned on. But we have not heard any work to make navigation drain battery less than it does. And seeing how much location is important to make smartphones smart, this needs work.

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Totally agree. Never thought of it that way, but now I see it.

very interesting thought. these apps need more and more our private information