Apple One, Apple Fitness, iPad, Apple Watch 6 Thoughts?

Apple event was last night in our time zone, and they announced a new Apple watch line-up (Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple watch SE), iPad and iPad Air, Apple Fitness (so that you can show off on social media) and Apple One which brings all Apple services into one so that you can pay for those you are interested in and those that you aren’t.

Are there Apple garden wall people here? Do they excite?

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The iPad Air tells us something about the iPhone 12ves …they will not have such a big leap in performance.

The A14 is compared to 2019’s iPad Air A12 bionic with a 40% gain but the A13 was 20% better than the A12 so a 20% YoY?

Maybe the return of Touch-ID like in the new iPad Air?

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Still patiently waiting for an Apple watch that I can charge once a week.

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Unless you can live to 1,001 Years. … You are unlikely to see this…