Apple Music on Android only lets users use one account per device in 3 months

I activated my Apple Music on a new Android device I’m reviewing this morning only to be greeted by this notification:

The notification is recurring, appearing every other time the Apple Music application is launched afresh so it is like there’s some emphasis of sorts when Apple detects that you are running the app on more than one device. This is strange because it is not like it is the first time I’m activating my account on a new device. I’ve been testing the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 for over a week and I have Apple Music there besides my main device, the Galaxy Note 3, where I first installed it and signed in using my Apple ID.

What does this mean? Is it Apple making sure that those of us who are already paying for the music streaming service can’t go back and sign in afresh using a different newly set up account so as to enjoy the free 3-month trial it is giving users or what? I’m yet to get a similar alert on either of my two devices though so I am not sure what this is meant to achieve. if indeed Apple reads unique device identifiers like the MAC address, for instance, to lock activations of new accounts on devices like mine till 3 months are over, that disadvantages everyone. Say I gave the device to someone else after reviewing it, that means they won’t be able to log in to Apple Music? Even if they are not going for the trial but are actually paying subscribers?

Anyone experienced this as well?