Apple Music now on Android, Will you use it?

if spotify can just launch in kenya with a $5 dollar offering payable via MPESA i think they can get a serious market here.

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Well, you get what you pay for…

Apple is the richest company among all its competitors. Such issues should be non-existent in its platform.

We find ways to use the Family plan. And if I wasn’t able to get Spotify that way, I’d go with Deezer or Boomplay.

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Just got Apple Music 6 months free trial. Early thoughts;

Clearing recent apps on my phone shuts down the music :man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6:. Relaunching the app and resuming music brings an error.

There’s no continuity after playing a searched song (ikiisha jitaftie ingine).

None of these issues are present on Deezer.

I would not recommend people not used to streaming music to begin their experience on AM, they might hate all other options unknowingly :smile: