Apple Music now on Android, Will you use it?

Apple music is now on Android, and is actually available across many geographic regions, no need for VPNs and other shady means to access it. (VPNs are not shady).

Now with the various options one has, ranging from free to paid, does Apple music seem like the thing you want to use for your music?

I don’t think it will hurt to give it a try. If it Kicks ass then we’re on.

It will just kick your data instead. 2 hours of just listening to Beats 1 Radio this morning and 250 mb gone just like that.

Woah Kwani it streams in 5.1. Dolby surround quality?

But if you have enough Unliminet data to burn or on a stable Wi-Fi connection, it’s worth it

The latest apple music app update comes with dark mode.

Many years later and i am sold on apple music,i m on my third month renewal of the subscription.

I only pay Ksh 250 per month

me 2,that university student subscription really comes in handy.

You guys are tempting me to make that Subscription… Is it worth it…

I still have my student account, so could be useful

it is worth it,at least for me,if i think about it,every time a new album is out or any new music i get to quickly listen to it all on apple music


Just Subscribed to Apple Music… So far, so good…

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There is a development that will make things much worth considering.

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apple music is just brilliant

Am on the University one…

Guys using apple music on Android, how is it…? Any issues…? (Be objective here, not fanboyism). My Deezer sub renews tomorrow but I want to try out Apple music… The deal is too good to resist

Well, personally haven’t seen issues…

Does Apple music have anything that can match Spotify Discover?
Man I’m hooked to spotify because of that.


I have seen reviews everywhere about bad experience on AM. The app has 3.8 rating on playstore and very bad review… reddit too, it’s like Apple doesn’t care about it on Android. I cannot complain about deezer, but 750 is a bit high compared to AM.

So I got Apple Music for Android three weeks ago and I do not like it. It is slow and It does not seem to understand my taste. I am saying that because Spotify loads super fast and it served me music that I actually wanted to listen to or liked. Also, Apple Music has no way of normalizing volume across all tracks. Some are loud and some are softer. Spotify lets you normalize the volume. Overall, Spotify also had quirks and features that made the app a bit personal. But at $9.99 Spotify is a bit pricey compared to the $2.99 Apple Music.

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