Apple A12X Chip, "Faster than 92% of all portable PCs" 😏

I know A12X is an ARM-based cpu. But Apple couldn’t stop bragging how it performs better “than 92%” of PCs out there. Is it possible that Apple might be redesigning MacOS to operate on ARM instruction set and later switch to their CPUs? Will we ever see A-series CPU on a Mac? Why can’t Qualcomm/ Samsung build their ARM chipsets to be as powerful as the Apple’s offering? kwani how much would it cost to add more cache memory hapo ndani? :grin:

Here is VentureBeat discussing the A12x.

Apple likes to doctor the truth to suit their marketing…When it comes to speed,X86 architecture is light years ahead…but on Power consumption,thats where ARM chips win…thing is,with Intel and AMD innovating at their current pace,ARM will have a hard time getting marketshare in the enterprise and datacenter space…

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Update; Geekbench score for A12X and core i7 7500U
Acer Aspire with core i7 7th gen U series



They also said the graphics performance is similar to that of the Xbox One S. Apple is good at selling you their products.

The thing is, iPads use ARM chips while laptops & PCs use x86.

Those are very different architectures. Until Apple/ARM chips can run the same software and AAA games as x86 chips and show us hard facts that the performance is 92% faster, all this is just marketing talk.

The chip might be 92% faster but what is the use if the only thing I can do with it is watch YouTube and play some mobile games.

And yes, it is possible that in a few years, MacOS and even Windows will be able to run on ARM. In fact, I am 100% sure this will happen (Suck it Intel). Until then, the whole ARM is X% faster than x86 is moot.

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By the way, have you heard that Apple will cease reporting number of devices sold? :laughing::laughing: Many analysts claim that such numbers are not important anymore, but I think since sales are declining, Apple might be losing confidence. :thinking:

Yes, the revenue is up, but it’s because of increased average selling price, which means that in the future this is not sustainable in my opinion.

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Tell me about it. I had been saving up for quite a bit to get the new Macbook Air after rumors stated it would start at $800-900. I have always wanted a Mac to test my dev work but could not justify the cost.

Apple was like hold my beer

They increased the starting price by $200 for a freaking dual core laptop with 128 gigs in 2018. How is this real?

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They really f’d you up on that one. Hapa ikifika Kenya itakua 130k.