Apparently, Kenyans don't recognize SONY as a brand

Dating back to 2015, Sony Electronics has been battling with Sony Holdings (a Kenyan real estate firm and owners of Westgate) regarding the use of “Sony” as a trademark in Kenya.

Well, Sony Electronics has lost the case in the high court, apparently because SONY is not a well-known brand in Kenya.

Back in 2015, Sony Electronics had failed to file prevent Sony Holdings from filing a trademark of the name SONY because Sony Electronics “had not provided sufficient proof that SONY is a well-known brand in Kenya.”

The judge actually acknowledges that the statement would come as a shock to anyone seeing that SONY is a global brand, but he further states that no evidence was produced before him to prove that SONY is a well-known brand in Kenya.

Here’s a grab from the article by BD:

The court further observed that while Sony Corporation produced evidence of sponsoring numerous sports and other international events, no evidence was adduced to show millions of Kenyans accessed and viewed those sports as claimed.

Further, the judge argued that while the petitioner had claimed that Sony is registered and used in more than 200 countries globally, no evidence was produced to support the same.

Besides, Sony Corporation’s case was also found wanting for tabling the company’s global sales without providing figures for Kenyan sales.

The registrar of companies said that besides the lack of evidence on Sony Electronic’s side, Sony Holdings “had since its inception carried out honest real estate business and could not be said to be using the Japanese company’s name to deceive the public.”

So yeah, which Kenyans are these that have denied SONY their rightful trademark?

Full article:

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I think that is wrong to deny SONY it’s rightful trademark locally. But from a technical point of view, if an organization is doing less to showcase is presence in a country, it stands a higher chance of losing that trademark.

Even companies such as Apple Inc. are victims. They have battled and won some and lost some cases regarding the iPhone and iPad brands.

SONY has been dormant for a while now. The brand is almost extinct in Kenya.

Is Kenya part of the 200 countries? As a global brand they ought to have done that long time ago. SONY was a bigger and popular brand in Kenya back in the mid-1990s all the way to mid-2000s.

They should learn from SAMSUNG and LG. is available .:grinning::grinning:

Mimi ndio najua kuna Sony Holdings. All my life nimejua Sony mbili pekee: Sony electronics, na Sony sugar :grin:


Jirani yangu alikua na t.v ya Sony Sugar :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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How did Sony Sugar not come up in this suit… haha

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The court was acting dumb am sure the judge knows Sony Brand either a TV a phony or a radio :radio: at one point its abt protection of local brands and investors.

Not really
I think the judgement was Reasonable
The Judges have to base their judgement on provided evidence…

As someone has said, the majority of us know about Sony Sugar. Hii Sony Holdings hata mimi pana tambua.

Unfortunately, losing that case means SONY might be forced not to use that name in Kenya.

Sasa ndiyo watu wataoshwa pale Luthuli.
"Wewe hujui SONY walishindwa kesi wakaambiwa watumie TCL waache kutumia jina SONY kenya? Hata pia Samsung wamejipanga na Hisense juu pia hao kesi iko kotini"


@kiruti will be devastated.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Dead wasee watalia


The judge wasn’t acting dumb. He acknowledged that both he and the registrar of companies know that SONY is a global brand but the court can’t rule based on personal perception.

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I also think, this is where corruption comes in and does its magic. How?
Am sure Kenya is among the top 3 countries in Africa that have/use Sony products ever since

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As someone said before Courts don’t rule on Persona perception. Judgements are based on availed evidence and how one argues their case out.
You can be making headlines everywhere and the judge is aware of the same. But when it comes to making a ruling, whatever is in the public domain is not relevant. What really matters is what happens in the Precinct of the Courts

Now, i understand why it is difficult to find Sony products in the market. I just could not find the old types of DVD changers that used to boom back in high school.:grin::grin::grin::grin:


Ayam one of the many Sony fans when it comes to sound devices. I have owned their hometheatre and it is comparatively impressive to say the least. Other than that, they are not really in our face like LG, Apple and kina Samsung so it is understandable why a court could rule against them.

Sony have great quality products but their marketing and branding locally is not as aggressive as LG or Samsung…Their customer support is also not that good too but they have great products,from home theaters,smart Tvs,gaming consoles and smartphones…

Kizuri Cha jiuza