APP OF THE WEEK - Weekly Feature on Techweez (I NEED YOUR HELP)

Hey guys. So before I joined Techweez I was highlighting my favourite apps every week.

After much thought, it’s time I continued the tradition but I need your help in discovering new apps. Back then I was in school and had a lot of time to play around with my phone and discover apps but that has since changed.

So, kindly share any unique apps that you have and give a short description of it.

All replies will be appreciated.


Here are the ‘unique’ ones i use:
Audible- Amazon app for audiobooks.
Abacus- local NSE trading app
Flightradar24- Realtime flight mapping/tracking
Ocharge-Airtime recharge app that gives points that can be claimed for specified discounts.
Office Lens- Scanning Documents/Whiteboards/Business cards into soft copy and one drive storage.
Resilio Sync- Seamlessly sync files(mostly music and movie files) and folders between devices(uses bit-torrent protocol)

I don’t think I have a unique app on my phone but there’s this app called FuTorrent.
Downloading torrents from any browser on my ‘android’ is just one click.

and Swarm App - discovering places

Me I just want to know the best image editing apps to have on phone. I used to edit easy from a Samsung but haven’t got that functionality on other Droids.

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Depending on how you like your pictures edited, here are my 2 favorite editing apps
TooLWiz & HDR Max (Pro)

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Uuum you should try out hibernation manager it’s an app that reduces the clock speed of the CPU when your not using the phone…it helps in getting some extra juice from your battery :slight_smile:

Thanks @Dree_Alexander, @kissykennysmatt and @Antony_Njenga for the suggestions.

@martingicheru I got you!

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in relation to this why dont we also include new utility softwares and apps for pcs that are considered important and useful in day to day operations of our pcs

I use snapseed or photoshop lightroom. They support raw photo editing.


I wish there was native android support for “scrolling screenshots” like what Samsung, Xiaomi & Huawei phones provide. In the meantime, I use Stitch & Share to create long screenshots like these :point_down:t5:

Lol! I had this idyllic image of Techweez writers checking in at 10am, lying around on bean bags, browsing kidogo, forum kidogo, attending product launches, etc. but kumbe sio hivo.

Back to the topic, I looked through my phone and discovered I have also become boring. Been using the same apps since forever and rarely try out new stuff. My short list of apps is.

Sesame Shortcuts
Quick access to contacts, apps, direct shortcuts to specific screens/parts of an app from the home screen. For example, I can jump straight into a WhatsApp conversation with Adam or Eve from the home screen, straight into the android subreddit in relay, straight into a specific setting in the settings app etc.
Saves a lot of time and makes using my phone so easy I can’t imagine how I lived without it.

Loop - Habit Tracker
Makes it easier to get in the habit of doing something you want to do regularly but keep forgetting. Personally, mine is reading, meditating, etc

Those are the two I can remember now.

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There are more brands that have that long screenshot thingy, likes of Lenovo, Oppo & Blackberry.

Oh, okay… I just wish there was native support for this feature.

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Google Keep - underrated at how good it is as a note taking app especially the ease of syncing across all platfroms.

Pocket for storing artciles offline for reading later.

Advanced Download Manager. The IDM for android phones.

Musixmatch for listening to music with synced lyrics.

Grammarly Keyboard. Sometimes you want to type a grammaticaly correct email and this keyboard will help you achieve exactly that.

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Sounds interesting. I hope it will help me become more lazy

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For some reason i find Evernote friendlier than Google Keep

I dont like that some part of evernote is paid for also if you log in to your google account then Keep automatically logs in.


Pocket = :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

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plus its now part of gmail on desktop… keep is awesome

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I agree,i find Evernote easier to use than Google Keep…