App Based Mass Transit Solutions coming up in 2019,Your thoughts?

I tried this out today and my trip went well as well. Was the only passenger in the bus, the driver told me most of the other drivers are yet to ferry a single passenger so far. No need to repeat all that has been said as it’s all true. Looks like the karibu code is not only for the first ride and you can get free rides all of this week so if you have a spare hour you can hop on the bus and then hop on the return bus all for free. The code also applies to your plus one.


Just a couple of minutes ago I received a text that the free rides are for 2 weeks(This week and probably next week?) … didn’t know that.

Also Rongai-CBD and Ruiru-CBD route are added but don’t currently show in the app …

Yep,the free rides are for 2 weeks it seems under the promo code " karibu" however i have noted that the trips are limited to 10 trips and max out on a payment method i.e cash the promo code seems not to take effect and even if you have added a payment method it doesnt seem to show up as an option you can select during the booking process.Those issues/bugs and other issues i have noticed with the app and i have captured them and sent an email to the swvl helpdesk team to look into and revert if possible.Good thing they are very responsive.Also guys make an effort to ensure your Swvl app is up to date/latest from the playstore coz some of these issues have or are being resolved and rolled out in the latest updates.Otherwise the rides have been great.On some routes like langata one be getting free chocolate bars and also they seem to compensate with cash in swvl wallet (Ksh 20) when they notice you experience a bus delay.I believe they are still refining their local policies and working out to resolve bugs hence the extended time period for the free rides,lets make the most out of them and give the team as much feedback as we can.


So the Swvl team has added an extra week to the promo code,take this chance to try them out on their respective routes,give feedback,rate them on google play…make those free rides count.

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Another week of free commute underway,swvl keeps improving their commute experience…app is still buggy but is improving by the day

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Swvl are now live on the Waiyaki Way route…From UoN kikuyu Campus-Gitaru-Regen-Westlands-CBD…check them out,those along the route,try them out.


I’ve booked a trip for tomorrow but the app doesn’t show details of the bus… How do I know it’s the one?

try signing out and signing back in…

This is all I’m seeing…

U applied promo code ama? well,make sure u report that as feedback to them through the app or on email on [email protected]

ION,Meanwhile BRT buses are coming inland,first batches being trucked in…

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Little shuttle are already live on their pilot…currently coordinating through their WhatsApp group,where they also availed a beta version of the little app that includes the little shuttle service…

That feedback…
You could have told them what you e
didn’t like…

the little shuttle team ama swvl,swvl i am always giving them feedback and they are taking it positively…the little shuttle team doesnt give a shit…at least to my feedback in my opinion…Their app is still barely functional and needs to be fully fleshed out,meantime for the pilot they are taking in feedback and bookings via whatsapp…swvl i can give them feedback via the app or email…

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Whatsapp? For feedback and bookings? That’s just dumb.

i agree but they got a lot to learn and they arent moving fast enough,Swvl is now on three routes while Little Shuttle are on One long route thats criss crossing the city.

I’m curious to know the price Swvl decides to settle for when they get out of beta… Coz the current 200 is too steep.

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I agree the Ksh 200 is too steep,i feel the sweet spot for pricing would be anywhere between Ksh 50 and Ksh 100 depending on the route…On that note,the free rides are done…now they have shared a new promo code KES50 which converts the Ksh 200 flat rate into Ksh 50 flat rate for the entire route…Still very enticing and very economical,This week the expectation is to see how payment by cash and other options takes shape,workout those payment kinks…The captains/drivers start taking fare and all that…so Swvl gauge demand and experiment with various price points…this beta period runs for three months so they have plenty of time to get as much feedback as possible and improve their offerings while growing organically.

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ION This tuesday,little shuttle are launching 6 buses on three routes…Sukari to Westlands,the hub to yaya and South B to Kikuyu…free for the next 1 month…i.e Entire february…More details coming…


Swvl is also experimenting with the availability of rides. Probably as they gauge demand and shift around the buses on different routes during the beta. Depending on the route, pickup point and drop off point you may find that a ride is only available Tuesday to Thursday, others from Monday to Thursday, etc.