Apologize too much in your email? This chrome extension is for you

This tweet will ring true to some of us. We’ve all been here before.

Some if not all of the emails you send to your client or boss or you’re trying to follow up starts with the usual “Sorry to bug you…” or “I was just wondering…” or “Totally fine if not…” or “I was just thinking…” You’ll realize you use the word “just” too much.

It’s difficult to stop the habit of apologizing too much but this Gmail plug-in is here for us. Just Not Sorry will warn you if you use certain words that discredit your skills or knowledge. The words include “actually,” “I think,” “I’m sorry,” “just,” and “I’m not an expert” These words and phrases get underlined in red and if you hover them, Just Not Sorry provides you with wise quotes as to why you shouldn’t use the highlighted phrases as they undermine the message you want to send over the email.

Hopefully, the plug-in will help you to stay assertive
Get it here.

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That means the extension requires access to read all your mails and probably check against an online database. I think I will pass …

The project is available on Github, you can check the code and even build the extension yourself.

The warnings are hard coded - https://github.com/defmethodinc/just-not-sorry/blob/master/src/Warnings.js

They do use Google Analytics (You can opt-out) - https://github.com/defmethodinc/just-not-sorry/blob/master/PRIVACY.md

This seems like something I would like to try out but I don’t think I have that problem…