Apk Apps to smart Samsung tv

Can someone help please on how to install mobdro apk and live net tv to my Samsung smart tv. Downloading these applications has been hectic to and how does this Live Net Tv works juu when I want to watch a channel over the phone am asked to download another app. Wadau I know there are experts humu ndani please help

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apk will only work on android os samsung tvs don’t use android

So what shall I do? My main concern is premier league live. Any idea?

get an android tv box like Mi Box

PM for a suggestion though it involves paying for 1. app and 2. a reliable streaming service

You could buy an Android box, pay for Showmax pro or use the browser to stream.

Any link for live stream

you could try totalsportek…

If you had an android tv i would have suggested you install the vola sports apk…it will give you free EPL games to watch live on SD and HD quality…You best option right now would be to use showmax and pay 2,100 for showmax pro…its pretty legit,you get all live football action there too without having to struggle for links. Samsungs Tizen platform is a mess,you are better off with an android box or an android tv.

:smile::smile: Ongezea “for techies.” Each platform has its benefits. For tech savvy people like us, Android seems more appealing cuz of apps. But for others, simple and fast UIs with all basics covered is all they need. That’s why many praise Tizen and WebOS and can easily get a box if they need extras.

Nimeona many reviewers claiming that only Sony midrange and High end TVs don’t have laggy Android TV (kina A9G A9f X900h).

Okay thanks have seen H96 Max has good reviews over Mi box so acha nibuy iyo

TV content is all about the apps,official or unofficial…even some capabilities of the screen are enhanced by apps,things like codecs to play content in different formats even…But you are right,any techie would be more biased to android tv as opposed to closed platforms like tizen and webOS.