Anyone who knows any app that will bypass Zip's with password

Anyone who knows any app that will bypass Zip’s with password

What you want to do is impossible. Just ask for the password from where you got the ZIP file.

There are a few programs that are able to try multiple passwords on the file. I don’t not know the name but I have used one.

You will need a fast pc and a whole lot of patience.

John the Ripper is ultimate password cracking tool and it helps to have a powerful processor or GPU.

There are many programs that can do that but only if the zip has a simple password that can be ‘guessed’ or looked up in a dictionary. However, if the password is complex including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters, you need a very sophisticated program and massive processing power. Did you know that it can take the US. Department of Defense months to crack some passwords? That is unbelievable considering how insanely powerful their servers are. Sometimes even they cannot crack a password so as far as your computer is concerned, you need lots of luck to succeed. Here’s a website that can estimate how long you need to crack a password

You can crack ANY password depending on your hardware & if you have the time needed to do it. It can take upto 10B years to crack some passwords & if you can live that long; you can crack it! LOL! I know some guys in Nairobi who have 2TB wordlist! Getting it from them is, however, not easy.

That doesn’t mean they will be successful, I ban anyone with two failed attempts on my server.

It does not matter how big your dictionary is. Even a brute force attack with limitless tries allowed could take an unfathomable amount of time if a password is strong enough. Look at the site I mentioned above about the estimated crack time of any password. I tried some passwords with the formats I usually use and almost all of them would take an infinite amount of time to crack with a brute force attack.

You should also understand that it’s not just guessing the password that matters like @BoazKE has alluded - - you must also bypass the security measures employed by the password authentication mechanism. What would you do if you’re locked out after trying to guess the password twice?

Myself i stopped using passwords, i’ve been using passphrases instead for the longest time now complete with special characters, caps and numerical figures placed at odd twisted positions within the phrase. Even if i were to tell you what the passphrase is out loud you still would input it wrong. I find comfort in such.

Have two-factor authentication on anything important.

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2 factor authentication can be bypassed by a skilled hacker too.

Especially if it is SMS based.

I use Google Authenticator that generates verification codes without a data connection, it works for a lot of other services other than Google itself. To make it even harder I password protect it from opening, so good luck to anyone who tries.

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2FA using SMS is no longer recognized as a secure method.

Exactly my point

I should have mentioned it was in support of your statement.

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