Anyone Interested in the OnePlus 6?

I logged in and I was surprised no one had created a topic about the OnePlus 6. Are we not interested in the device this time round?

hahah, i watched the event last night and it was somehow funny… Carl Pei kept “forcing” those who attended to applaud after saying something. I am interested in the bullet Bluetooth earphones they launched. am not that interested in the 6, lemme we wait and see the 6T.

It’s a great device especially after seeing it’s camera capabilities against the S9+ and iPhone X. The sAmoled Screen too is something I crave for in phones. It’s worth the buy. Though I’m yet to comprehend the notch but if I had the cash right now, I’d get one?

Can someone tell me the difference between the 5T and 6 if not the notch Addition plus the upgraded camera and the glass design my opinion 5T is still a king no to the 6 yaani adagi

There’s a clear difference between the 6 and 5T. The change is significant enough to warrant a purchase of the 6 over the 5T. However, I will wait for the 6T to bring down the price of the 6 and hence buy the 6.

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they decided the battery size will never increase

The phone’s size is a bit strange to me. I don’t admire anything above 5’5 inch even though am not using 5’5.

If you’ve used a 6" device with an 18:9 aspect ratio, then you’ll realize that the phone isn’t that big. I’m currently on an S9 and despite having a 5.8" display, the phone is smaller than all traditional 5.5" phones.


Keep in mind it’s the screen size that is getting bigger and not the phone size. Mimi 5.5" nidyo minimum.

Am more attracted to 5.2" :grinning:

I agree, sisi wenye tuko tumikono tudogo hatutaki kustruggle bana

how do tou even use such a screen size, do you type with a tooth pick

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acha zako @Nezitic

Always thought the screens were too large, until I got mine own device…