Any nice Kenyan Telegram channels

Just discovered a few telegram channels over the weekend. Do you guys know any other nice Kenyan ones?
This is what I have Kenyan Alerts:
Alert and updates

We have Techweez channel

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Awesome Just joined.

I have been on a telegram channel in the last three months,this telegram channels sends me all the local dailies(Newspapers) some regional ones like the EastAfrican and New york times as well as Readers digest.Sometimes the channel also send the latest HD movies…Obviously for legal reasons i will not share the channel details here but its been so awesome experiencing it.Messaging platforms are the future,i can feel it

You can send me a private message with the name, I want.

Dree_Alexander please message me the channel too.

I haven’t joined any I would appreciate if u suggest some for me


If only you are a music lover…

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Is this the Billionaires channel? Lol.

Interesting you saying for legal reasons whilst they doing something illegal. Jk. :grin:

They just posted today for the first time in a week

It’s hard for them to be interesting without Nation and Business Daily.

A collection of all the channels you need

You can try this one out maybe, have been using it and it is really good @jewelfilms

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So several channels have come up over the last few months. Here are some of those that I have come across, all Kenyan (not sure if they meet the being “nice” criteria):

  1. eDaily news
  2. The Standard
  3. Hapa Kenya
  4. Kenyan Wall Street
  5. Job Corner
  6. Job Vacancies
  7. PSCU Digital
  8. Traffic Jam Kenya
  9. Tech-ish
  10. Breaking News Kenya

Newest trending channel in town

Trending with 2 members?

This one is another “John” who needs a John treatment.

Citizen TV

Just discovered there is a Zuku bot that lets you know of your account status well, mostly billing issues. I will continue trying it out