Any machine learning startups in Kenya?

Does any one know of any local startups focussing utilising machine learning in their products?

There is one company that utilises Machine Learning in predictive analytics for customer feedback analysis. Wayo Company Limited

I don’t know if it is a startup, but check out Mwamba Capital

Seems like the only thing there related to machine learning is a blog post explaining what it is. My hope is that you are here for constructive conversations.

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i think local machine learning startups need to pivot to a whole new model by tapping into locally available compute,network and storage…First,there are thousands of computers/smartphones locally with idle compute,network and storage…with specially crafted software and providing credible compensation/incentives,i believe that local startup can take advantage of such a resource to run models/calculations and build their own A.I…Its possible but it requires a lot of skills and financial resources to get this off…check out the gridcoin concept (,something more like that