Any idea what might be causing this fritz kwa monitor..thanks

Helooo…my Dell monitor has been on the fritz for the past one week. Evetyme i turn on the CPU, the power button keeps flickering without displaying anything. Tried changing the monitor, CMOS, other million hacks av seen online…am out of ideas ans strength…any help please…thanks

Hebu jaribu changing RAM or the hard disk. Sounds like the system is kinda corrupt. There are many things that could be wrong. If you can try isolating every potential issue, you could definitely find a solution. If you have changed monitor and still nothing, check RAM, then check HDD, check PSU,… you see the trend.

There are a lot of issues that could be plaguing your machine. Diagnosing problems of a CPU as a noob is usually a complete nightmare. Here, could be the PSU (usually the biggest culprit), faulty RAM modules (your computer would have been making wild noises, beeps, so this could be unlikely), a corrupt BIOS, problematic hdd etc…
Best cause of action is get it to a reliable technician you trust (most will try milking money out of you for replacements that never seem to end) or if your pocket allows it, and my advice, just get a new rig, unless what you currently drive rn is insanely powerful.

Also if you hear a beep sound when you turn your pc on it is for sure RAM issue.