Angani is not done with negative press about ousted co-founders

Angani discussions are not new after they left in not quite comfortable circumstances. Now according to TechCabal it turns out that they (present Angani leadership) are yet to honour their obligations towards the exited co-founders. These include a $50,000 loan that was given to Brian by a parent as a loan to get things started up. Riyaz of Angani is said to deny defaulting the loans and claims that they are still on time to make the benefits payments to the two.

Update: our friend @Wamathai mentioned yesterday that Angani had been in court as a plaintiff while @kaboro and others were the defendants. Well, turns our nothing really happened as there was this small matter of the plaintiff’s lawyer missing some documents that allow him to represent a client in Kenyan courts.

He (Angani lawyer Thomas Agimba) has no practicing certificate for 2016 that is given by the Law Society of Kenya. The lawyer allegedly said that it’s a technicality as he’s already paid for it and will need two weeks to sort that out. He will present the certificate on 8th June

Probably then they will set another court date.

Wow!..Now that is quite an oversight on the plaintiff’s part. Anyway who asks their lawyer to show them their practice certificate when asking for their service :stuck_out_tongue:

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