Android TV stats and Usage in Kenya

So lately i have been curious about SMART TV usage and uptake in Kenya especially the Android TV platform,in my own spot check across most tv shops and supermarkets in Nairobi i have noticed that there are traders like banadir electronics in luthuli moving large volumes per day/week of sony android tvs to customers in Nairobi and around the country(some tvs were being transported all the way to malindi,mombasa,eldoret and kisumu) and i have noted a few celebs like eric omondi actually own and use a sony android tvs at home.Now,not to discount LG tvs with WebOS and Samsung TVs with their OS,it is roughly safe to say that there is an increasing number of households owning smart tvs across the country especially android tvs.I know Google Kenya probably has numbers on that hopefully someone will do a case study on this.
I am interested to know how households interact with their TVs especially if they use them to access a wider array of content,news,information other than whats offered locally and if this insights can compel local media outlets to make and deploy smart tv apps and more HDTV channels…

It would be a no brainer actually I wonder why tv manufacturers dont build and ship such. For the Sony TVs they run Android out of the box?

For the tvs I actually like webos. So easy to use. Adaptation iko high especially because of the low prices with TCL 32 inch going for 18,000.

I may be the first household respondent with an android TV, running 2.3 version or something like that. I most use the android apps to access bootleg tv shows, movies, and UK sports channels in HD.

Which apps specifically? I have been searching for apps I can stream epl Foota with but i havent been successful

I would like to distinguish between Android TV platform and TVs and TV boxes running android phone software…The only Android TV platforms are running Android 5.0 lollipop,Android 6.0 Marshmallow,Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 8.0 Oreo,Android TV has a distinct user interface and apps have been customized to run on the large screens,plus its software produced by Google and released to TVs and TV box manufacturers …i know there are TVs out here running customized phone software and customers are being misled into thinking those are actual android tv while they are not…

Here is my list of android apps with live tv apps configured for android tv mostly…

1.Live Net TV
2.Redbox TV
3.Freeflix HQ TV
4.Geo Streamz
5.Snappy Streamz

download their latest apks,install and enjoy…


WebOS is wonderful btw,i have noticed though it doesnt have a lot of apps and the platform is kinda restrictive so you cant just install any app like android tv.But its a great start plus webOS tvs are very affordable,if only LG would open up the WebOS platform and take initiative to update the WebOS platform of older LG TVs…For me,Sony have been something else,I bought my Sony Android TV when it was running Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2015,Now its running Android 7.0 Nougat in 2018,The teli has tasted Android 6.0 Marshmallow in 2016,In short they have been updating the platform and TVs with newer features and improving their security.Value for money i spent 3 years ago

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Redbox TV sorts you out with SkySports channels for football, F1, and boxing
Movies and series -> Terrarium & MovieHD

The rest is as he/she said


I have a Sony Bravia (2015). Currently runs on Android Nougat, I think it’s the same model as the one you have. I do stream TV on it, I disconnected the terrestrial cable, so I watch news via YouTube and use Kodi for movies.

Recently, Kodi has been terrible for streaming sports, so I will try some of the apps that you guys have suggested.

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Anyone else having problems streaming Live TV channels as from yesteday evening? No live tv channel is playing on all android apps (i use LiveNet, Swift and Freeflix android apps for live tv streaming) zote ziko blank or displaying “Can’t play this link”. I’m now forced to download and use Mobdro (the only live tv app left working) and we all know how terrible it’s video quality is.

Just pay for commercial lines and forget about all this drama…

Which commercial lines? Kindly elaborate. PS: i dont do DSTV, Gotv, Startimes etc

PM for some good deals.

lots of providers. I even have one. :slight_smile:

kina flawless, kina sijui ace , they are all over. Google is your friend. $5 to $15 gets you something with acceptable quality.

Never mind all apps are back

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the apps seem to be working fine but Morpheus TV app will deprecate over time as the developer has abandoned it.