Android TV Box to replace DSTV

I’m looking for an android TV box that I can use to watch premier league matches for free in HD. Something very DEPENDABLE, offering a wide selection of channels and on demand content too. Where can I buy one, and for how much?

get the Mi Box,you wont regret acquiring it plus you can customize it to get what you want,Budget around 8k to 11k…it runs pure Android TV.not some random Android OS installed on it

IPTV in the form you speak of is a hit or miss situation, especially when it comes to UK sports channels. Paid IPTV (Its still really cheap at circa 10 $ a month) is a better bet, but even that is being clamped down like crazy in the UK.

Good thing though is with a stable link, you can originate streams from anywhere in the world, and its darn close to impossible for “them” to clamp down everything.

The Mi box is great and one of the affordable ones. I’d definitely recommend it.

However, when it comes to premium content the likes of which you’re looking for, the real power is in add-ons. Just instal Kodi on your box or your smart TV. Try “Sports Devil” or “Find My Game”; both from Fusion if I’m remembering correctly. You’ll get Sky Sports HD here. As you know though, these streams are hit or miss. And also depend on your internet speeds.

Lots of people I know pay a one-off fee for BeIN Sport and get pretty much all sport from around the world. The installation process is expensive but it’s worth it; at least that’s what I’ve been told. If you want to go this route ingia sidebar and I’ll find the hookup for you.

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I remember seeing a Mi Box on some other video. Poor design to me. I don’t remember it having an ethernet port. To make good use of it, I would have to buy a more advanced router.

Why would ‘they’ clamp down on a paid service?

What do you use to watch premium content?

Until very recently I was an employee of SuperSport so I was DStv all the way.

Now I find streams with Kodi for pretty much any sport I want to watch.

As soon as you stopped working for them, brand loyalty went out of the window😊. What box do you have? Does it have an ethernet port? Did it come with the necessary software to watch this content? How many channels do you enjoy? I hope listing all of them isn’t too much to ask. I really need to know before I fully commit.

Pretty any 4K HD Android box would do. Underline the key word here is HD of which there are tens to choose from available even in Jumia for not less than Sh 8k on average.

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Its piracy. Skysports and TSN and all those providers dont sanction the online iptv services. Its creative guys that offload content from terrestrial / digital platforms in their respective countries, and play cat and mouse chases with their respective authorities whilst making money streaming content to regions that said service is not available.


If you have the money go for the Nvidia shield tv box.


How many channels? Do you have one yourself?

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What is the most reliable paid IPTV service? How many channels?

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An android box will surely help you access hundreds of free content including live channels , movies, tv shows & other online entertainment.
To stream live channels you can use kodi addons which are in most cases HIT OR MISS. You can also use the free apps which are also not very reliable and sometimes link fails to play the content.
If your internet is fast enough the best solution is always a premium IPTV SERVICE. You will never miss a live sports event in good quality.

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The box comes preinstalled with our IPTV app + 1month free access. Other free apps are preinstalled to enable user test the free & premium platforms.After one month they can choose to use free apps or subscribe to premium service.

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:grinning: I got the service at 50% of the cost. That was worthwhile to me. As I’m no longer an employee I’d have to pay the full rate and that doesn’t make sense for me economically. [quote=“Mwitu, post:9, topic:1275”]
What box do you have? Does it have an ethernet port?

I don’t currently have a box. I currently live out of my suitcase as I’ve been traveling a bit for work so I’m an actual nomad; not just a digital one. Hehehe. But I’m getting the Nvidia Shield TV. And Yes, it does have an ethernet port. I’d have thought most of them do…? I stream off my laptop and mirror to a TV screen.

Obviously I can’t answer all these questions yet but maybe someone else here who has one can. I can get back to you when I get home and start using it.

Get Beinsports,its more legit,the one time installation cost upfront is expensive but it gets cheaper with the annual subscription(10k) considering the quality and its legit AF

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Talk of which, are there any reliable Kodi streams?

On the issue of paid add-ons I have some credits so I can offer you some…at a reliable price. It’ll help you avoid sending your card details to a Chinese bank.

So what are the channels one enjoys…is there a channel that streams live football matches?