Android Spyware

Stumble on this article today. Notice Kenya on the list

Thanks to your tip, I was able to work on this article:

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Nice article. Thanks for the credit.

I’m happy that you have to physically allow the app to install itself on your android phone - that is all the security I need. I wonder how this malware would behave on my phone which I rooted with superSU.

Wanna try it out?

I already know what it would do - it would probably operate in compatibility mode which I still would not enjoy because it’d steal a chunk of my personal data. Anyways, I don’t have the expertise or time to play around with Android malware. Wacha watu wa Norton wadeal nazo. I like to experiment with my phone a lot but I’d rather let this nasty critter stay out there in the wild.

What I meant is that Android malware often requires you to install it for it to do any harm. That involves trickery but I’m not easily fooled. That’s why I said it’s all the security I need.