Android Smartphones and Notches - Brace Yourselves

MWC 2018 just ended and we must all agree that the number of notches we saw were way more than we anticipated. We might all hate the notch and some even hate it just because it was copied from the iPhone X and this is not something I endorse (the copying) but I am mentally prepared to see it popping up all obver.

Here are a few phones that have so far adopted the notch deisgn:

Asus Zenfone 5

Leagoo S9

LG G7 Neo (rumoured)

Oukitel U18

OnePlus 6 (rumoured)

Here’s what I think:

These OEMs know something that we don’t. A company like LG does not just go and blatantly copy the iPhone’s design. If you can remember, prior to the launch on Android Oreo, OEMs had started getting rid of the app drawer button in favour of a swipe up to access the app or just having all of them on the home screen. We saw this with Sony, LG, Samsung and even OnePlus.

Now, we are approaching Google I/O and Android P is expected. One of the rumours out there is that this new version of Android will support notched displays. Could all these OEMs be pre-empting the inevitable? Are notched display going to be the in thing for 2018? Trust me, if Google Pixel 3 goes that route, there’s no coming back.

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Lately, Mobile tech is like a wave.
Something new is created and all follow the way because 1 way or the other consumers will get used to it.

Anyway, I thought you guys don’t know Oukitel phones.:joy:

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While we are at this, can we also agree that some Notches look better than others?:grin::grin::grin:

I mean, the notch on the Essential PH-1, Rumored Oneplus 6… looks aaaah… subtle, i dare say.

Just to ask hizi makampuni haziwezi pata place ingine ya the top :top: sensors coz thats why these notches are appearing but the since the king had introduced the notch who are the subjects not to follow the king Respect to iphone for this boring :zzz: design which got Android oems going crazy to copy. Please iphone do away with the notch

I don’t know about the other sensors… but as long as people are still taking selfies… this Notches will be here for a long time.

The other way is trying concepts like with the Vivo Apex - to use a motorized (pop-up) selfie cam - which I think is harder to implement and introduces vulnerabilities to otherwise solid designs perfected over the years.

Except for Samsung. They started the bezel war. They tend to do their own thing.

The PH-1 looked nice. It was unique and subtle. The iPhone X has a lot of tech on their notch and they were under pressure to revamp their design.

The rest have no good reason to add a notch, in my opinion. Fullscreen apps and videos will not benefit from the extra screen space & we do not get Face ID.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: aaii… Ayden hizi picha umeweka hapa… I can’t… whhhhhy? Anyways, I think google discussed this with OEMs and some suggested they need a notch for sensors and maybe google promised to implement native support in android P. Google itself is very careful since its phones are mostly bought by enthuasiasts who know tech. hizi zingine sijui leago, dogee… they can convince non-techies to buy notched devices. I know samsung wouldnt do that. The reason they haven’t given up on headphone jack yet (and they have a notch patent since last year if you saw the news).

Let the war begin @General

I think Samsung started and won the bezel war. They have the best looking flagship phones, in my opinion.

As for the notch, if Samsung adds one within the next 2 years, the world might as well end.

I saw someone say in a comment somewhere about notches, “kill it before it lays eggs.” :joy::joy::joy::joy: I dont know why i find that funny :rofl:


You know we don’t live in a hole, right?

This is so far the best implementation. I wish everyone would copy them instead.

Hii hata petition won’t work

Declaring them the winners is not right when we have devices with 90% Screen-to-Body ratio. As of now, Asus holds the crown of most bezelless smartphone.

In my opinion, Samsung has won the ‘bezel-war’, they might not have the highest screen-to-body ratio but you have to agree that the steps they’ve take towards reducing the size of the bezels(the whole infinity edge thing) on their phones are a level above what the competition is doing & they’ve done all this without compromising on functionality, hizi notches zinakuja na compromises mingi sana ikikuja kwa function, kama hawa asus, kwa hizi 5 series wamelaunch, lazima utap notification bar ili uone tuicon twote twenye hukuwa kwa notification bar, surely hio ni nini sasa & on top of that these phones have the same s2b ratio as the S9s.

Plus by ‘most bezelless’ do you mean ‘highest screen to body ratio’?


The current versions of Android do not have native support for the notch. Android P is expected to address that.

How many of these phones do you think will get that update?

The rumored LG G7 itself might never get the update despite it being a flagship from a major manufacturer. You think Leagoo, Oukitel and even Asus will bother updating their phones.

You mean the Asus Zenfone 5? Because it has a 90% S2B ratio. S9 have 83%.

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Aiiii, my dude ebu fact-check, both the Asus 5 & 5Z ziko na s2b ratio ya ≈83.6%, the S9+ iko na ≈83.6%, nayo S9 ni ≈84.3%.
The only phone I can think of ambayo iko na s2b ratio >=90% ni hii Vivo Apex(98%), na hio hata ni concept phone. Na phone yenye inaifuata ni Essential PH1 with ≈84.9%. Labda kuna ingine inagonga 90% na sijui, so kama kunayo tafadhali enlighten me.


During their launch, they mentioned it was 90%. They also claimed that the iPhone X has a screen to body ratio of 86% which is not true.


true, not 90%

GSMArena is your reference point yeah? Well, here’s the same GSMArena reporting what I said, "Impressively, it has a 90% screen-to-body ratio thanks to that notch and the slim bezels all around."
They are not the only ones that reported that. Asus announced that their phone does achieve the 90% screen-to-body ratio.

However, there’s conflicting information all over. So there’s a chance it (Zenfone 5) does not hit 90% S2B.

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I’ve been coming to Mobile World Congress for close to a decade now, and I’ve never seen the iPhone copied quite so blatantly and cynically as I witnessed during this year’s show. MWC 2018 will go down in history as the launch platform for a mass of iPhone X notch copycats, each of them more hastily and sloppily assembled than the next.


the day samsung will launch a phone with a notch we are done

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