Android Q Beta 2(3) on Nokia 8.1

Nokia has been doing a good job since HMD took over its management and production of new products and services. Last year’s Nokia 7 Plus was one of the best phones it has ever made in recent times, but it took a detour from that spirit with notch-equipped releases later on that have been good, yet unexciting.
The 7 Plus’s successor is surprisingly the 8.1 that I have been playing with for more than a month. Similar to the 7 Plus in 2018 and Android P (at that time), its upper hand, at the moment, is it being part of the tens of phones that can test drive Android Q that also features a member from TECNO: The Spark 3 Pro.
I flashed the Q build an hour or so ago and things are coming up quite impressively.

  1. The UI is mostly the same, but it can now be spruced up with a dark theme, which is darker on the notification shade and grey-ish in the settings.
  2. Some Google apps have also been splashed with a dark coat, including Photos.
  3. Permissions appear to have been improved; you can grant access at that instance. You can further police them in the settings for groups that are super paranoid about permissions being rogue sometimes.
  4. You can silence notifications so that they arrive as stealthily (they don’t show on the notification area, but when you pull the shade down, they will be there).
  5. I haven’t tested phone calls and SMS but I guess they work just fine.
  6. There is no Google Now page on the left panel.
  7. Gesture-based navigation is missing as well, which I don’t care about because I love my three buttons. You can’t summon the notification shade with a fingerprint sensor swipe, though.
  8. The camera app is terrible, effectively making this beta useless for folks who may want to use it from day to day while snapping pictures.
  9. I have noticed some speed improvements too.
    I will test this build further and report my comprehensive findings at a later date.
    Here are some screenshots:
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Meanwhile, I just got April patch on Mate 20 Pro, waiting for the weekend to try things up, or not. :grin:

Xperia XZ Premium got the April patch way back on April 16th