Android Phones To Buy In 2019

well imagine a galaxy Note 9 plus GCAM

Recently bought the Huawei P30 128GB for our manager who needs a good quality camera for marketing purposes and it is great and has a nano memory 2nd sim 256GB - good value

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:grin::grin::grin: Best battery on android, fastest gaming smartphone, near stock android, highest refresh rate on a smartphone, decent camera. Hapo he really needs to be a photographer to overlook hii kitu… otherwise 60k he can get a good second-hand DSLR. Note 9 is…good… but… am biased at this point. considering SD845 vs 855…

:smile: Note 9 is 201 grams, for 39 more grams naona vile its “heavy” :grin:

A good DSLR without the extra attachments is about 500-600g.Once the attachments are added, it goes to 1 point something kgs. What is 240 or 280g?

Xiaomi K20 pro

I did that on my pocophone f1. It has the same sensor as the pixel 3. The camera works wonders.

Everything. You dont carry a DSLR in your pocket all day. You dont hold a DSLR for 4 hours straight. 240g is actually a very heavy phone. 201g is also quite heavy.

Sukari quarter? What happened to men being strong? Next thing utaniambia watu wavae tshirts na boxers tu. Trouser and jacket are too heavy

Leather jackets are too heavy. You have to provide all facts when a person asks for a smartphone reccomendation so the person can make a good decision.

:joy: I see I see

How about he gets Pixel 3a XL for 55k, and its light @wizmelavin :smirk: . Note 9 doesn’t even come close to this in the camera department… and he’s guaranteed of software support for some time.

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Galaxy S9 has many points to think now. Thanks all for efforts to recommend great phones.

Nokia has been very silent of late, any news, my 6.1 looks dated I would like to upgrade but to notchless nokia, so far they have none.

Am waiting for Nokia 8.2. The 7.2 came out last month but it has shitty 2-year old processor. Am fine with a small notch, not a giant one like 8.1. Tutegee Ma dec. For you if use 6.1 you can get X71, just a punch hole.

Man, I was planning to get the 7.2 when it comes out but that I aint buying into a two-year old SoC in 2019. With many options available. I better go for the Mi 9T instead

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Guys, I’m in a quandary as of yesterday. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is out, and it’s almost perfect. Almost cuz I hate MIUI (I currently use a Xiaomi phone). However, I acknowledge that NO PHONE IS PERFECT.

The MI Note 10 has all the specs I need: All Kenyan LTE bands, good processor, great camera, AMOLED, 5000mAh battery, nfc, bluetooth 5…etc. The only thing it doesn’t have is Android One. Nonetheless, I am certain Nokia 8.2 won’t have AMOLED or big battery.

Should I give MIUI another chance? :grin:

No, that’s a bad idea.
I gave away my Pocophone voluntarily because of that.

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The Mi note 10 has a Snapdragon 730. I find that as an insult. Instead, you should go for the K20 pro which is also a Xiaomi phone which is cheaper and has the Snapdragon 855. It has great specs. Call is poco 2.0

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:smile::smile: true, I realized that later. I think I might get Mi 9T Pro, it’s similar to K20 Pro but has more LTE bands (for the kenyan market). Then I will flash Pixel Experience in it. Anyone with Mi Mix 3 5G? it’s also cheaper than K20 pro with similar chip… 36k…