Android Pay option in Uber app

I’m not sure what they want me to do with this since Android Pay doesn’t work here but I guess I’ll file it under the “nice to have/thanks for nothing” category. Anyone else have this?

Just you, for now. But it would be great if Google actually brought Android Pay to Africa, or Safaricom made mpesa compatible with Android Pay.

LOL. I want your kind of optimism.

Chukua, ni bure, :joy:

If you have a prepaid debit/credit card added to android pay,then its another way to make uber payments albeit longer since android pay now acts as the merchant(paypal) for your uber account…if only android pay had MPESA integration then it would be more viable locally

This is why I silently hope the upcoming M-PESA card will be like the Airtel Money card in that whatever amount one has in their M-PESA is immediately available for use with the card whether online or at physical outlets.

Yep,that would be better than the current I&M MPESA prepaid safaricard.

I have the airtel card but never used it…i at first thought using it “online” would allow me to buy me apps from playstore. i wish that would have been the case

It should! Just try and see what happens. Load money to your Airtel Money account, add the card to your Google account and try buying anything. Should work. If it doesn’t, raise the matter with Airtel/Chase Bank support.

Seen this on my Uber account as well, right after I used the request Uber via Google Maps feature. I’m adding 1 and 1 here and thinking it doesn’t look far off.

Google is in the process of integrating directly to Safaricom’s M-PESA to enable app purchases from the Play Store. They started integrating sometime last year via an aggregator known as Docomo. Not sure when they will go live though.

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This is huge! Thanks for the information @mahboobah.

I can’t wait for this. Coz very soon we will have Android Pay integration with mpesa

thats exciting to hear