Android Messages on web

Google is beginning to roll out desktop browser support for Android Messages, allowing people to use their PC for sending messages and viewing those that have been received on their Android smartphone. Google says the feature is starting to go out to users today and continuing for the rest of the week. Text, images, and stickers are all supported on the web version.

To get started, the Android Messages website has you scan a QR code using the Android Messages mobile app, which creates a link between the two. That’s very similar to how the web client for Allo — remember Allo? — worked. Unfortunately, that section of the Messages app isn’t yet live. Hopefully it won’t be long before it shows up and you can start chatting across platforms.

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Thank you for the alert this will be really helpful

I’m using Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, updated the messages app today but the option to “connect to web” isn’t available yet. Has anyone got theirs working (on any device)?

It’s rolling out slowly via a server-side switch so just give it some time. I got it working on mine just to check it out since I have root. I think the features have been covered elsewhere, the only thing I can add is it has dual sim support so you can select which sim you want to use to send a text. Previously used pushbullet to text from a computer and it just selects sim 1 by default.

Android Message application

Yap, that’s what I’m using.

I just got the update but I’m underwhelmed by the execution.
I’ve been using for years which, on top of Websms, also has a tablet version from which you can compose/respond to texts without touching the actual phone. Mysms on the web also shows me the complete conversation thread (in my case going back to 2011)

The web function is now available on my phone after the android messages app updated to 3.3.044 this morning.
I am mostly at a desk and this will come in handy .Last time I was using almost similar function was with Skype and Lumia 950.

My sms app of choice has had this since 2015. Actually, since late 2017, (in case of dual Sim) I am able to send sms by selecting either sim 1 or 2 on web.

Android messages is not that bad but i will just stick to pushbullet coz of the desktop client plus it does what i need it to do…