Android & iOS Apps Income

Hi guys! So, I was wondering if anyone here has apps on the playstore &/or the app store & what the income from ads or purchases is like. A short description of the app, no of installs & active users would also be welcome.

If you’re thinking of making an app with income being your drive, it will fail miserably.

Solve a problem and money will follow mpaka utoroke.


:rofl: :rofl: Nilisoma hii comment nikaisha.

I’m not thinking of making an app; The reason i asked was because for the past couple of days I’ve been wondering if there are any ‘good’ apps made by kenyan devs(it bothers me that i only have one ‘kenyan app’) which in turn made me wonder if the reason i couldn’t find any was probably because kenyan devs might have their focus on other markets like US & if so what their income from these apps might be.