Android Icon Pack Apps To Play Around With - Which Ones Do You Use?

There’s a ton of icon packs in the Google Play store, some laid and others free to customise your phone.
I’ve played around with a couple but here are my favorites:

  1. 08 icon pack :
  3. Splendid
  4. Ortus Icon pack
  5. Six
  6. OneUI Dark
  7. OneUI Light

I keep switching between them depending on the mood.
I’m curious what icon pack app are using right now? Name of the icon pack and links are highly appreciated.


NYON - icon pack

Outcast icons theme

Rugos Premium - icon pack

PIXXO - pixel icon pack


Outkast icons look really dope :ok_hand:

Currently using Mellow Dark Icons. Got them while they were free a while back but now naona ni 200 bob

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Found two more
Guilty Icons and MinMa icon pack

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Which wallpaper is that…?!
Looks dope

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It’s Black Panther

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Been using Minima and I’ve loved them icons. Will try out Guilt icons some time today. Thanks for sharing!

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Tried out a couple of icon packs this week
• Enix(pictured above)
• Glaze

• Ineclectic

• Aivy

• Verticons

• MiniOs

• Iconzy

• Veronica

• Afterglow

• Rewun

• Moxy

• Darkful

• Lines Dark Pro

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