Android Games -- What do you play?

I love playing games; and am not selective – card games, PC games and the real thing on fields. Getting well designed games is hard. This is especially true on phones and tablets considering how difficult it can be to get proper game interfacing using touch.

For about a year, I have been trying my hand on Android games. Most are cheap, usually less than 7$. And most suck, at least for my taste. However, some have pleasantly surprised me and I find myself dedicating hours on them. I will list them down below.

  • Framed – I love this one. Difficult puzzles.
  • Lara Craft Go – Nice challenges, though quite easy
  • The Room Two
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition – Of course I had to find this one.
  • Dark Lands
  • Geometry Dash – What a game! Challenging as hell.
  • Limbo – I played just because I liked the PC version.
  • Pacman Championship Edition – Just as awesome as the PC version. Great music on this one.
  • Clash of Clans – I know. All my friends play this one.
  • Hitman Sniper – Well designed, the action couples well with the background music. But I still think the touch interface is the main issue in this game.
  • Prune – Great concept. Relaxing
  • Dark Echo – A game with no visible character. Just sound. Definitely one of the most radically designed games I have played.
  • Leos Fortune – Awesome graphics. Also, very easy to control the game character with touch controls.
  • Monument Valley – Good game, but too easy.
  • Shadow Fight 2 – Too much in app purchase in this one. I wish it were multiplayer.
  • Fallout Shelter

I would like to know what games you are guys play; only the ones you consider well designed.


Well, I just discovered Mekorama . If you have played Monument Valley, it will be very familiar. It comes in a very lean package – only about 5.3 Mb. The best thing about this game is that it comes free, but the developer asks you to pay him whatever you want. In addition, you can create your own puzzles and share them!

Try this one if you love solving and creating puzzles.

Ditto for Hitman Sniper, my favourite game at the moment.

I’m into racing so:

  • Real Racing 3

  • NFS No Limits

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne


  • Threes

  • Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout

  • Dead Trigger 2

  • Dead Effect 2

  • Unkilled

Nonstop Knight. Just like Doomsday Clicker is a ‘how far can you go’ type of game but better. Give it a try.

Personally, I am into console and increasingly PC gaming.

A PC gamer among us! We are quite diverse!

Mine’s simple… Loop. Simple but ideal for passing time.

QuizUp! Probably the best trivia game I have ever played.

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@sarunibm Let’s see how good you are with this one: History of Kenya

I’m not really big on gaming . I prefer creating ( Weird I Know) but I recently tried out 2 Kenyan made android ones. Tumtafune (26,000 pts) and Bungoma: Hangman (113 pts highscore).They were OK.

Was up playing #BungomaHangman again…upped my highscores to 343…BEAT THAT HA!

What magic are you using on Tumtafune? That’s a high score. I can barely move past 20k after weeks of trying. I guess I am either growing old fast or not cut out for this.

ANY Simulation fans out there? If so try Infinite flight. Its a paid app though,but if you are into planes it’s ok:) Plus it’s amazing to see a phone rendering a flight simulator all be it with less features than what you would get on PC. Its a bit laughable when I think about how I would spend hours fine tuning the settings on the underpowered home desktop PC so I could run Flight simulator 2000 with no lag (the pinnacle of PC flight sims at the time)
Learnt alot about PC optimization by just tinkering around with the settings including DXDiag to get the perfect balance between what the PC could handle and the experience I wanted from the Sim.

Forward 16 years later and my phone can give me a flight sim experience without breaking much of a sweat and I don’t have to worry about lowering my graphic settings to the lowest level as we now have better GPUs and more Ram on some of our phones than we did on desktop PC’s 10 years back😁

Also Xplane 10 is available on Android for free but you will need to buy planes via in app purchases. It is more graphically polished though

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Lol! I don’t even know how I did it. Twas as a result of competition in the house, couldn’t let my younger siblings have higher points than me…

I’ve tried out Infinite Flight. It’s great. Will check out Xplane 10 (first time I’m hearing about it). I’ve been too engrossed in Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. Played it yet?

I’ve been meaning to try sky gamblers I think I will over the weekend. Also I wish someone would port one or two titles from the Ace combat series onto android. I really enjoyed these on the PS1 and PS2:)

Hitman sniper is well worth a try. I only wish the mission environment would change as opposed to just new objectives in the same environment. Also have you tried into the dead?

I really love playing Infinite Flight Simulator the most realistic mobile simulator out there. Costs about $4.99

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This is what I calk, uchokozi!

N.O.V.A 3 anyone…?