Android Devices To Buy in 2020

Realme brand is also fabulous. II had purchased Realme 5i 3 months back and its performance is still good.

The problem with Realme is that they only focus on China and India. Ukileta Kenya some bands won’t work, eg, faiba.


Faiba’s bands are known to be very specific. There’s a limited number of devices currently in the country from other phone manufacturers that support the Faiba sim card. It’s not only a Realme problem

Many Realme devices also don’t support Safaricom’s band 20. Just band 3.

I hate the Android phones from Chinese brands. Why don’t you think about buying a phone with stock Android like Google Pixel phones? Even a used one.

I Agree! OP filling blanks just for the sake of it. tbh, my money is on Huawei Making a comeback!

i too agree its waste of money

Huawei has potential to be biggest in the business, not necessarily the best, albeit.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi however is good, like very good. Given the company’s roots in software development, they make great devices, great pricing and most importantly, offer great software development services for their devices. Other sub-brands such as Tecno, Infinix and iTel, all subsidiaries of Transsion Holdings, offer software upgrades through buying new devices, a dumb business strategy that eventually leads to loss of customers. I’d recommend Xiaomi, or it’s sub-brands Redmi and POCO to anyone who loves devices and wants a great device, performance-wise, build and support for software.

TBH - Poco phone is really a swell purchase, if you go beyond industry conventions for HIGH SPEC “Everything”. While the parent company has its share of drawbacks, overall, they provide a bang for your buck in every way possible. My only gripe with them is that they rarely ever change up their line up of features drastically. This makes a fan, like me, big time frustrated and wary by their lack of diversity.

They don’t drastically change up but the devices are arguably very good mid-rangers. The chipset for me does it, if it’s whack then the whole device is trash. The get decent chipsets in. Currently I’m using a Tecno, and look at their newest release, the Camon 15 series and tell me if that’s not just a glorified Camon 11; with a pop-up cam mechanism. The chip is a Mediatek Helio P35 SoC, an ancient if not poor chipset.

Look at this security patch level for instance on my Tecno. And the Android version. See how old the patch level is? (Considering what a hassle I had to go through to get Android 10) This is what cuts it for me; good phone, good SoC, the RAM and ROM have to be decent, and the icing on top, good software support. POCO covers all that doesn’t it?

Been hearing good things about Tecno . Is that a mid ranger as well? Poco covers a lot of the aforementioned requisites. It does have a very smooth functionality I can tell you that. I never delved deep into the SoC that much tho.
Been thinking of upgrading from my Redmi now. Had it for a couple of months, its OKAYYYY… nothing spectacular. Need me somma that Tecno goodness now that you mentioned it.

Tecno is garbage, pardon my language. Their only good devices are the Phantom 9 and the Camon 15 Pro. Mark my words btw, get a Tecno if you’re happy to be stuck on one Android version for the entirety of the phone’s life.

Wow, that’s grim. The part where you said they dont receive version upgrades that often, is that true? I have also heard that version upgrades degrade your phone, making them internally sluggish, thus encouraging you to replace your phone very quickly.

It’s not that it’s a ‘not often’ situation. They never receive Android version upgrades. My device was an anomaly, partly because it was listed in the beta 3 list for Android 10 among 15 other devices. Thus given the beta release back in May last year that I even had installed ( but it was so buggy that I had to visit After-sales service to roll back to Pie) they were obligated to upgrade the software. But even so, get this, since November last year, they sent out the stable build to 2000 people to test and send feedback and to date they’ve never sent an OTA to the rest of the world on the same device (instead they proceed to launch the Camon 15 series on Android 10). I had to get the ROM through Hovatek Forums and flash my device manually. So it’s your choice, if you’re comfortable with virtually no software support.

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Oh and the Camon 15 runs a Helio P35 SoC. It’s nothing fancy performance-wise. Even a Realme C3 runs a Helio G70 and some variants a Helio G70T. Processing power may not be as powerful as a Helio P35, but the SoC scores pretty decently above the old P35 in some aspects. All that’s fancy about the Camon 15 is the camera. It’s basically a glorified Camon 11 Pro.

Thats a big NOPE right there lol. You bent yourself backwards just for an upgrade. Someone like me wouldve never thought of it (good on your part). There is reason to believe that a company like Tecno would not want to mass supply their latest build em masse, thus discouraging potential sales of their newer models.

You game a lot on your phone though, dont you? lol

A lot. I have all major games; PUBG, PES, even NBA 2K I game a lot during my free time.