Android Devices To Buy in 2020

Prepare to have battery and charger issues.

Now they have released Reno 5 with both chips, and the pro version has the Mediatek Dimensity.

OPPO Reno 5 5G ships with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor while OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G comes with MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor.

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The Pro+ 5G will come with SD865 though. For now, no MTK chip has been manufactured that can beat the SD865, and we have a Xiaomi Mi 11 about to launch in a couple of weeks on the even more powerful SD888.
I believe Mediatek is trying, but Qualcomm seems to be a step ahead everytime.

Maybe the Dimensity range SoCs and the G90T. The other G series chips are just simply a marketing gimmick. I borrowed a friend’s Redmi 9 just the other day and played CoD Mobile on it, and it was, simply put, a joke. Running at 30fps low graphics settings and I still experienced that one or two stutters.


Avoid refurbs like the plague. Like @deewinc said, you’ll have battery issues because they usually don’t put in new batteries for refurbs. Also, if you ever need to get it repaired you’ll most definitely have to foot the bill. For 36K you can buy many excellent brand new phones that gives the s10 a run for its money.

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Dimensity is the step up that mediatek needed. It’s so good that you won’t even notice it doesn’t perform as good as Qualcomm chips unless you run a benchmark on it.

The biggest box that mtk finally ticked for me is stopping making phones that can double up as bread toasters. That’s huge but Qualcomm still has me for its custom rom friendliness.

I’m wondering which “kwa ground” you’re referring to :smile::smile:.The g90t is a capable processor and the major downside is that its not as battery efficient as the competing snapdragon.
In games like pubg however,i have found the G90T in Redmi note 8pro to squeeze out an extra 10-20 frames per second which is a lot


:joy::joy::joy:Same thing I wondered. The G90T is a very capable SoC, ebu let him get a hold of a Realme 6 and games on it ndio he finds out. Msm. :man_facepalming:t4:
Only difference is battery efficiency, hii mambo sijui throttling kwa ground na anga simu itaheat mimi sijui aliskia wapi. :joy: Maybe a Tecno/ Infinix; which have been iron boxes since time immemorial.

Now try it on a 90Hz panel, it can’t really be explained, but I think the words are “buttery smooth”.

Okay. Okay. I concede. You guys are relentless. Maybe I just dislike mediatek. I’ve spent some time on youtube watching the g90t getting stress tested but haven’t found anywhere it overheated. MTK has improved I’ll give you that but I’m still not buying phones with their chips primarily because they’re closed source. I like to make my phone truly mine by modding it to my liking. Currently only phones with Qualcomm chips can give me that.

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Actually I’m impressed by the dev community around g90t for Xiaomi .they are producing great things and mod just like you would in a snapdragon

I strongly believe mediatek will cover the soc generation gap between them and Qualcomm consumers will have variety of choices no longer will we be forced to depend on Qualcomm’s expensive 800 series phones to get good performance. True definition of value for money next battle stage is 5g and AI

And I got the faiba wonder phone these are my discoveries:
It is a pure 2g and 4g phone 4g band being only band 28
It can work with any line or operator as long as u don’t update it that update sent locks the phone card one slot to faiba and u can’t use any other line without faiba in slot one

But only Faiba works on Band 28. If other networks work on sim 1 then that means it supports more bands.

Other networks works on sim 1 on 2g only

Maybe that’s why the user has noted consistent performance.

Now the iPhone battalion can keep quiet. SD888 devices promising upto 3 OS upgrades and 4 years software security patch support.

The screen on the Note 9 is a deal breaker.

The G90 chipset is very good. The people who mod phones these days are very few. You are still better served by SD.

If you’re looking for customisation of G90t in Xiaomi RN8P you’ll be pleased to know the dev community is Actually awesome and always churning out cool mods and ROMs