Android Devices To Buy in 2020

It’s mid-January in the year and I have to ask, which android devices do you think satisfy your needs. Here are a couple of devices that I think are suitable mid-rangers

  1. Huawei Y9 Prime 2019
  2. Samsung A51
  3. Samsung A71
  4. Vivo Y19
  5. Nokia 7.1 & 8.1
  6. UmiDigi F2
  7. Tecno Phantom 9

The latter is a bit of a sore subject considering the company’s poor software support record.
What devices would you recommend? Share your thoughts here

Come on, A71 has no worthy competitor hapo

Where are Xiaomi people?

  1. Xiaomi pocophone f1 is still a good phone.
  2. The Xiaomi k20 pro is the perfect phone to have in 2020. Its like a cheaper one plus 7 with the same specs.

I am shocked hehe. The best midrange phones are

  1. Redmi Note 8 128GB at 21K
  2. Redmi Mi9T 128GB at 32K
  3. Redmi Mi9T Pro at 41k
  4. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 at 50k

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Samsung has totally destroyed the A SERIES line up. They have replaced the glass on metal chassis body construction with some funny rainbow plastics on a plastic chassis. Deeply annoyed.

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All that to lower the A Series prices. Seems like their move to make sure the A Series remains competitive as well as profitable.

The upper mid-range A SERIES phones cost an arm and a leg and are still plastic. The Note 10 Lite would have been a great upgrade. These are post 2018 A-SERIES devices.

I am a huge Samsung fan and I am glad that you have listed 2 of its phones.

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Yeah. Especially from the A70 upwards. The A51 is perfect though given you can find it on Jumia Kenya for as little as Ksh. 29,000. Worth it given the specs of the phone

Previously, even the A5*** line had an aluminium chassis and glass body front and back. Now the A7*** have maintained the high prices are plastic.

The only ones with the premium built body in the A-SERIES are the A8*** and A9*** line.

Plastic was a J-SERIES thing. They should have maintained it there.

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:rofl:At least the internals are respectable, back then processors were crap… in many cases.

Guys are becoming smart. Unsold inventory for high-end devices is being packaged in plastics and resold as A-SERIES at a premium.



Realme 5 & 5pro
Realme X2 & X2pro
Both with great internals, proper hardware & software support

I am here to say just buy any Samsung Galaxy phone,i am just loving its Windows 10 integration especially being able to make and receive calls through my computer while my phone is charging.Not forgetting texts and notifications through Your Phone app.

Available on all Android phones

Samsung go all out on their devices. Good hardware specs coupled with proper software support. Great devices

Not the calling feature,not yet

How do you do this linkage…

Your phone app