Android Creator Builds a Smartphone Like No Other - Essential

Andy Rubin, the guy who created Android promised a months ago (like a year two ago) to build a smartphone like no other. A device that would not be outdated but evolve with you. Well, yesterday the phone that Andy envision was made official, the Essential Smartphone.

This phone is a beast, unlike Apple and Samsung who are using Aluminum on their high end phones, the Essential phone is built out of titanium (Reminds me of the DVD I bought in 2006, still using it though rarely, a Phillips DVP 5500s that has never broken down).

The phone has an edge to edge display and not even the G6 or S8 can come close. Anyway the price though is way above what a first timer would seek to milk from the consumers. I mean, look at LeECO, the Chinese company sent home 80 percent of it’s employees in the United States due to such mistakes and they have now run out of money because their products are not selling.

But this thing is a beast. Check it out here:

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The edge to edge screen is truly a cool design feature.

However without a universally supported standard, the modular attachments will be nothing more than an interesting niche feature.

The only brand that managed to shake the Android market was OnePlus.

Flagship specs on a mid range budget.

The Essential Phone does not have so much going for it at the moment. I mean, the phone is in the press due to the face behind it, not the actual phone.

Only time will tell though.

This phone is truelly epic i love everything from build material to the display the problem is with the pricing but compared to other flagships its competitor is htc U11. Personally i think it’ll break the US market with guaranteed support and updates it’ll be a phone and brand to watch, Essential is truelly a flagship to beat

Just following up on the news today and found out that the company has managed to gain carrier support in the United States. Well that means the device is bound to be like the Google Pixel. During first years of iPhone’s release, carrier support enabled Apple to build great popularity of the device.

According to what I have read, the carriers are only confirming that it will work, not selling it directly.

Google Pixel had Verizon (Largest US carrier) on their side.

Verizon’s statement when asked whether they plan to sell Essential’s Phone directly

While the phone might work on Verizon, we can’t promise the same experience and quality of service as devices that have been tested and approved for use on our network.

I highly doubt it will get to the Pixel level.

I hope they prove me wrong though.

That phone is quite something, the design kinda reminds me of the Blackphone

As good as the Essential phone is, the price will let it down. There is so much hype about it right now, but the OnePlus 5 is coming and the hype will shift.

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It sounds like a good spec sheet but at that price with no water resistance and no headphone jack? Eeeehhh… Nangoja OnePlus 5.

Kumbe ma fans wa OnePlus 5 tuko wengi. The parent company BBK that also owns Vivo and Oppo is relactant in making OnePlus available in Africa. Sahii you have to depend on Avenchi who sell it at an arm and a leg.

Hopefully, my next upgrade will be between Note 7R or is it FE and the OnePlus. I’m also considering the Note 5. That thing is still a beast.

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The Essential is a niche product that’s meant for markets that mean something for equipment manufacturers. Any other demographic, esp in emerging markets, is a second-thought to such innovative products.
In other words, I’m mildly amazed by what the Essential offers.
S835? Old news. Shrunk bezels? Ancient news. Android 7.1.1? Sapiens news. ‘Oh this phone has been motivated by Android’s Godfather from every perspective.’ Neanderthal news.
The only thing that’s new about the Essential is a top-placed, forward-facing eye. And of course, a body that’s constructed from materials that haven’t been used by other OEMs.
Otherwise, meh.

OnePlus is doing a notable job at catching up to kina Samsung S8. But there’s also something else that’s catching up - the price. Almost doubled from the original 1+ so I don’t see how long they can maintain the ‘flagship specs at half the price’ tagline they like using.

Unless something serious happens, flagships will be hitting the $1000 mark by 2020 :eyes: so we need disruption like we had when laptops were overpriced and the bubble burst.

The essential phone is just the new pretty girl at the dance. Let’s see how it fairs a month after launch.

@deewinc the Note 5 isn’t a great choice for it’s poor battery life. It’s why the S7 did so well and hype for Note 7 was unreal - they promised to improve everything wrong with the Note 5. Get an S7 Edge or wait for the Note 8. Unless you have a S3/S4, S8 is a very mild upgrade, 4/10 (screen, LTE-A, Earphones, internal storage) from the S7 Edge.

The current iPhone 7+ 256GB costs $969.


Expect to see a $1000 iPhone this year around September.

OnePlus is doing a notable job at catching up to kina Samsung S8. But there’s also something else that’s catching up - the price.

I think the next iteration will start at $500 but for specs/performance almost identical (maybe even better - Source 1,2,3) compared to the S8 (~$760) or Pixel XL(~$769), the OnePlus 5 will have a much better price/value ratio.

The S-Pen and the shape of the device, I loathe the S-series candy bar shape. The note 5 will not be my main phone but I need it for the spen and camera to run a couple of things. May be try out the Note 7R/FE kama nitaeza kupata Dubai because the Note 8 that thing will be a major upgrade and I suspect they will create a narrow and tall phone. Goodness, Samsung want to repeat the same mistake they did with the S6 by trying to follow Apple.

i agree wholeheartedly with this statement