Android Box Battle Royale

I’ve started this thread to accommodate all android box related queries you might have from Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Firestick, Safaricom Giga Box, JTL Faiba TV, T95z Plus, x96 mini , Xiaomi Mi Box S etc. Here you can post all about the specs, problems, recommendations, best streaming apps, new android boxes in the market and how they stack up to the current ones. We all know the Nvidia Shield is the mother of all android boxes in this space but since its price point is way up there, lets begin with one that is affordable and which i just recently bought called the Xiaomi Mi Box S. I bought the box based on the following video :point_right: Nvidia Shield vs Xiaomi Mi Box. i will give my review once i test it out at home. In the meantime feel free to post any android TV device related queries in this thread.

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Where can I get this from. I’d like your review very much too… With the future of Android Smart TV and Apps. Do you really need an Android TV box? Looking for your opinion.Like I watch football on Navixsport. I can get a link for desktop… e.t.c

The future, not the current, hence the need to take your chances with a box that’s probably 5k and upgrade when need be, than be stuck with an OS that’s three versions behind in an expensive TV.

I’m currently using Amazon Fire stick, and I’d say for the small space it occupies it’s a good deal.

Apps: Currently Mobdro, Showmax, Prime Video (even though I’m yet to figure out how to cancel this), Tubi TV, Smart Youtube (not sure it’s the name).

Xiaomi Products Retailer
MidTown Business Plaza
Taveta Road Behind Tuskys Imara
Phone 0722708373
They are selling them at 8k (but unaeza ongea mdomo yako itakusaidia)

Yup, as @martingicheru put it,

  1. for the updates, currently Oreo has been rated as the best Android TV interface thus far, and i can attest to this as the Mi Box comes with it and its so damn easy to use.
  2. Its easier to replace an android box than a whole TV

Still exploring the Box i will give my review in due time.

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Currently i’m running

  1. LiveNetTV - for Live International, US and UK TV channels (This is where i also view all EPL football matches on various Live Sports Channels)
  2. TitaniumTV - for Movies and Series (Terrarium Reborn)
  3. Netflix
  4. Showmax
  5. Youtube - kwani youtube iko tofauti kwa android box?, i find it kawaida
  6. MX Player - to support LiveNetTV app
  7. VLC - to support TitaniumTV App. (Yes i know this is a second video player installed but the main reason i have it is its Picture in Picture Feature. I can do other things on the screen while a movie or series is playing hapo kando. MX player doesn’t have this feature. I could have had VLC as my only video player app but LiveNetTV doesnt support VLC only MXplayer

Got Safaricon Big Box with:

  1. LiveTv
  2. Terrarium
  3. Showmax
  4. You Tube
  5. MX Player

Running an x96 mini…2GB ram with 16 GB internal (14.65 usable) running android 7.1.2…works perfectly and i’ve had it for 9 months…main apps i use are cyberflix tv which is a terrarium clone, i run showbox together with proton vpn(its free and works great)…mx player for every streaming…plus Adaway to keep all the adds away :joy::joy: freeflix HQ pro, mobdro and live net tv i rarely use…the rest are just your basic youtube, chrome etc
I have not subscribed to anything, i love the free stuff and make best of it.
Cost me 6500 for the box plus mini backlit keyboard so i’m guessing it was a good deal…
Using an android box is tricky for some…but if you are working on a budget then an android box will help because you will not compromise on tv size or brand…
Right now smart tvs have become cheaper…but before the price was so high that you sometimes could get a difference of 15-20k for the smart tv over the one without especially in the leading brands…and this is luthuli, not the supermarket.
Plus as it has been stated, you can always buy a new android box with better specs and reliability…but on a smart tv, what you get esp with hardware, you have to work with that for the life of that tv…and android boxes are like phones, they keep changing every year.

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Natafuta Bigbox for research purposes .

Adaway needs root in order to work, any other alternatives?

I didn’t know it does…i guess my device is already sorted…just google best free adblockers…i haven’t tried any other apart from adaway for my devices and browsers…it has worked perfectly.

Use Blokada works with unrooted devices.


I forgot about blokada btw…i only used it when terrarium was closed and its clone needed blokada to work…does it work well??

Titanium TV is Terrarium reborn

Cool, but some in-app ads were still popping up. The only way to trully block the random in-app adds is to also let Blokada ‘monitor system apps’ but this comes at a cost. You won’t get system or app updates unless you occassionally turn off Blokada to get updates coz Google Play Store is gets affected.

You can’t use Showmax on it.

Running a 2017 Nvidia Shield the 16GB version, with a 64GB 3.0 USB drive as extra system storage, a mounted 4TB NAS drive for file hosting. Mainly used for gaming with the kids and streaming;

  • Running a Limitless subscription on the native app and perfect player
  • Netflix
  • Running a PLEX server files hosted on the NAS drive
  • Youtube etc

Awesome box, worth the investment.


I agree…NVIDIA shield is the best android box out here esp for what it offers in terms of features and capabilities and its price aint that bad,i think its affordable…the software updates also just keep coming.

Who are the best retailers to get it from in Kenya or do i have to buy online out of Kenya?

I am not sure there is a vendor that is currently stocking them, your best bet is to go trough the usual suspects savostore etc. I was lucky to get someone coming in from the US.

Got the Mi Box S as well.

Currently running:

  • LiveNetTV
  • Kodi (Exodus Redux Addon)
  • Youtube
  • Netflix etc.

Everything works great though I want to switch from LiveNetTV to a reliable paid IPTV subscription. Still looking for one.

Any recommendations?