An iPhone X or a Samsung s8+

I’m in the market for a new phone. I currently own an iPhone and an android phone, both a bit outdated. So I don’t know what it feels like to have a recent flagship. A friend of mine is offering to sell an IPhone X or an s8+(both new)at a very discounted price. Which one would you choose?

Iphone anytime

Just wait a little longer for the new Oneplus 6. am sure the “discounted” price you are talking about is way higher than the price of a Oneplus device. With oneplus six, you will get to enjoy almost the full glory of android at a very low price. Otherwise, If you need better support locally, get the s8+… You can also opt for Oneplus 5T, a very capable device at a reasonable price.

S8+ for 53k and iPhone X(256GB) for 110k. There is also an s8(64GB, DUOS) for 45k. I think these are good prices. I like iOS but I’m finding it hard to justify the cost of the iPhone x. I’m leaning more towards the s8 because of the dual sim feature. How much does a Oneplus 5T go for in Kenya?

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wow, that S8+ price is super awesome, hope its a legit product. ama ni refurbished? anyways, Oneplus 5T brand new goes for 55k 64gb version (if you get the right vendor). Who is offering you that deal? I would take S8+ for 53k any time if its new. The least you can buy it ata internationally is $600

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Wow this prices can u hook me up my experience with bro’s S8 is one i would love to have in any phone with these prices i would jump the Samsung ship without a blink and put the update woes not into consideration
For IPhone i would consider it for two reasons super fast updates & speeds of app launch and switch hiyo nimeinulia iphone na oneplus mkono

It’s a legit product. Everything is brand new. I went with the s8.

The s8+ is gone. I took the s8. I’ll check whether he has more Samsung devices. The iPhone Xs are plenty though.

Also interested, do give us an update once you have more info.

Great choice. Just say goodbye to timely updates. However, tell your friend we need those prices here.

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Yes, my device is still on android 7.0.

Oreo is coming soon. It’s already available but not in our region.

In my own awkward way I think the S7 and S7 Edge are the best Samsung devices yet. Maybe the S9 will debunk them.

From the leaks, the S9 looks alot like the S8, the only difference being the camera + fp-sensor layout, so I’m thinking if you didn’t think the S8 bettered the S7, then the S9 won’t better the S7, in your eyes that is.

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