An app for the Kenyan Market

Kenyan Market an online market platform that provides users with a relatively easy and flexible way to

  • Do Shopping from Local businesses in the various towns and cities in Kenya
  • Do Real Estate house hunting and property search
  • Buy vehicles from the various showroom in Kenya
  • Do Schools search for the various types of school (kindergarten to Universities)

You should check it out👌

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Tbh you need to work on the UI/UX of the app.

Plus, the app is trying to accomplish so many things at once and it fails to excel at any of them.
You really should invest some resources in Market Research.

I agree with @iateallthebrowniez. You’re trying to do a lot of things and you end app with a half-assed concept. Come I do for you a proper market research for a new app or niche of focus.

I have worked on it kindly check and give me your feedback