An Android (TV) box you can recommend [tip: not Safaricom Big Box]

I keep on being asked this and my responses are usually varied. What Android (TV) set top box can you recommend? Where can they be found?

Himedia Q5 pro or Q10 pro on amazon or full specs and int’l shipping). Pretty neat these r. Got the earlier version of the Q5.

What’s your budget? If money is not an issue get yourself an Nvidia Shield TV Box. Import it from Amazon.

How about just buying an Smart TV running android? Sony have a whole range of Android TVs available locally.

I know there’s that option but I just want Android STBs I can recommend because there is a need for them. Not everyone is buying a new TV. In case one asks for that, then an Android TV (Sony, Phillips, Sharp) is a no-brainer if it’s within their budget because it beats logic to buy any other and be limited to a shallow pool of content due to platform limitations (like LG’s WebOS or Samsung’s Tizen - as it is right now). Do we have any Android TV selling in Kenya for below Kshs 40,000?

The Shield is definitely one to go for but it’s pricey. There should be lots of 5-10k Android STBs. I want to know more about those. How they are, what they offer, pros, cons and so on.

Get the xiaomi mi box,its a simple android TV box running Android TV 6.0,its stylish and has everything you would want…it may not be available locally but just check OLX maybe someone may be selling it.You can get it shipped to you by AliExpress for between &80 and &100,that is 8k to 10k…trust me,its quality stuff

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Boss,i have had a Sony Android TV for a year man,i love it so much.its such a beauty,this TV can do anything and with the upcoming software update,i cant wait to see whats more in store.

Please do tell. :grinning:

Imagine watching live TV with live twitter feeds based on related hashtags on the side…Or playing PC games using apps that stream from local PC via Ethernet/WiFi using the PS4 wireless controller…Install Kodi and a whole other world of entertainment…one can switch between streaming apps like showmax,amazon video,crunchyroll and netflix…Then there is the 3D aspect where one can watch 3D movies(IMAX) style using their glasses,with downloadable 3D content,the effects feel so like IMAX theatre,the difference is the bigger the screen the more distinct the effect,as for me,i watch 3D movies close to the TV…With google assistant,one can get scheduled weather and news updates in the morning by just looking at the screen…when not in use,the screen displays beautiful pictures from the internet like wallpapers…Not forgetting the TV has Google cast so one can cast content to the screen using any smartphone or PC…There are streaming channels and live channels,the TV has DVBT2 inbuilt so over 220 TV channels and FM stations accessible depending on location…Oh and there is twin picture capability where one can watch two concurrent channels on the same screen,though one has to chose the one that is taking prominence so it can play with sound while the other picture is minimized…One can also watch endless youtube videos with “stats for nerds” …the discover feature lets one switch content from live tv to app content and back seamlessly…the UI is also sleek and user friendly…One can also play android games from the playstore…those are some of the features that quickly come to mind that i have tried,well with the upcoming software update next month there are more features that are going to be unleashed…Android TV is just a whole new world of entertainment,features are all about the apps

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You put in quite an effort that when you realize why I asked the question in the first place you’ll find it funny. It was in jest. But then your narration was too good.

well,enthusiasm spilled over on this particular topic coz i love android tv

AGAIN I INSIST one the HIMEDIA devices Q5 and Q10. check These gadgets are just ontops!

I just came across these guys: @androidboxkenya

Might not be the right thread, but I happened to see and ad on citizen tv about them launching a video on demand service soon, I heard it in passing but it has a name (which I din’t quite get)
anyone in the know can update.

Was it a video on demand service or they are launching a YouTube-like service? The name starts with a V.

Viusasa and it’s a Netflix like service.

Then why were they asking for content creators to submit their videos?

Viusasa is a video on demand service custom designed to conveniently provide you with vide content ranging from news, entertainment, information and music in Swahili, English and Vernacular languanges.

Are you a cideo content or music producre? Become our partner bla bla bla…

What is going on here?