Amua - Kenya's first real-time mock election app

Amua is a fully featured elections application, that allows you to view aspirants vying for political positions across the various electoral areas i.e. county, constituency, ward.

Amua is Kenya’s first mock election platform that allows you to participate in mock elections by voting for your preferred candidate across a variety of electoral areas and view the results in real-time on the mobile app. You can also view the presidential results in real-time on our website.

The app is available for download here -->

The video on how to use the app is available below

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Great app and concept,the Developer should work on the missing fields though esp for some consituencies,wards and counties…but i am sure the developer is aware of this and will make changes before the next software updates

Thank you for the feedback. Once the political parties have shared their list of aspirants, i will update the app.

Thank you,keep us updated on the changelog so i can spread the word on this,i think its an informative app that can be used for polling and informing voter choice by presenting facts…and work on the UI if you dont mind :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate. As a team we are looking into breaking new grounds in how apps are done and so far we have explored uncharted territories which move beyond creating web views for mobile apps. This is Amua’s first iteration and you shall be seeing even more exciting features like county based opinion polls and much more. Do spread the work and help us improve on it. :slight_smile:

I am not entirely clear on the concept of the app. What problem is it trying to solve?

The idea is to participate in a mock election, and identify aspirant popularity in the various Kenyan electoral areas in real-time.

We are demonstrating two things; one the power of mobile apps to crowd source for the popular vote. Please don’t confuse this with a general election app. Two, it gives the aspirants an opportunity to see where their campaign efforts should be expended from the mock elections module. Granted this is the first iteration and we have several updates along the way which include governor popular votes, opinion polls specific to the county you selected, aggregated data, and other feature rich functionalities which are still in the works.

Like stated previously, we also want to demonstrate that technology can be used in validating legitimate voters once the IEBC data is made public for querying via their API

An interesting concept. Do you guys have plans to share the collected data?

Yes. In fact we intend to collaborate with Africa Open Data as a way of contributing towards having more civic data available for research and also analysis. We shall also build open source APIs for anyone interested in mapping out distribution or trend analysis

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What next after the elections?

Use the learning and spawn niche products based on the data collected, eg we can use it for campus/college elections, popularity contests such as beauty pageants, BAKE awards etc. Its an entire platform not just the app, which gels with whatever ecosystem you’d customize it for. Also, it can be a continuous assessment tool for politicians on performance

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I see monetization looming by…

Hehe. In the not too distant future yes. Our aim for now is building traction and getting the platform fully functional

Have done a quick test, I like how the reg. part is smooth and quick. Some improvements on the general interface would be great, am sure you have some plans on this.

Am keen on this because I have a candidate from within the family. Would like to push this out on our networks once you confirm that you are at the post testing stage.

Yes, we some slight improvements coming up. Please feel free to share the candidate name, photo, party, electoral seat and the electoral area that the candidate is vying for so that we can integrate it into the app.

Feel free to share the app with your family and network. I am sure they will find it very useful