AMD (Betin Branded) Micro PCs. Anyone used one?

Hello guys,

Who has experience using these Betin Branded micro PCs?

I’m thinking of getting one for light office use. Browsing and handling documents. Streaming YouTube too.

I guess they were used in Betin Gambling shops.

Amd gx 420 processor
4gb ram
128gb ssd

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They are going for how much…

6,500/= only

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I have one and works as advertised. Have an issue with the display card though they seem to have an issue when connecting to the VGA.

Can your get me another?

What issue to be exact? I can see they have a HDMI port too.

I intend to buy one that’s why I’m looking for reviews. There are many offers on Jiji

Bought one today. Hope all goes well. Will post updates from time to time.


After a week of using the AMD Betin Branded thin client PC, here are the highlights.


  1. Windows 10 genuine license

  2. Fast boot (around 2~3 seconds)

  3. Runs butter smooth.

Apps open up fast. I guess that NVMe SSD is doing wonders.

Yet to notice any lag from opening countless of tabs on Brave and Chrome running at the same time with MS Excel with tons of data and I mean tons of data, and media player playing HD videos.

All these running at the same time. My laptop freezes if I do that, especially when you try to switch tabs or apps.

I noticed that the AMD Radeon R1E does the heavy lifting for media or anything that requires graphics processing. And it does well with flying colors. The processor

  1. Power consumption. The thing consumes around 3 amps of power. That’s what most laptops consume.

  2. Doesn’t overheat. It get’s warm. But will keep monitoring this. Probably use an intense software like a video editor and see how it will perform.


  1. It feels plasticky* especially the power button. But that’s okay anyway.

  2. The fan is silent but can feel noisy in a silent room. It’s the same feeling when you buy a laptop and it’s silent for months then after a while you notice that fan noise. I solved mine on the laptop by cleaning and oiling the fan. I guess with time I’ll open the PC and do the same.

  3. I don’t like the sound quality. It has the same hardware as my laptop. Realtek soundcard but I’m not sure why the treble is too high.

I saw there’s separate audio hardware for AMD but I’m yet to try enable it. Will dig deeper with time.

Other than that, I love it. My bro has seen and he’s going to buy one too to replace his tower PC.

I’m looking forward to editing some videos. Will post an update.

Does it have gigabit LAN, pcie expansion slots? Can be a great home server candidate.

That thing is too tiny to have expansion slots for anything. I strongly believe there’s none based on how slim it is. But I will open it after a few weeks to confirm that.

There’s an LAN port but can’t confirm to you the speeds it supports. I no longer have a router with LAN but I do have an ethernet cable lying around. Will try that tomorrow and ping it with another PC and see the theoretical value it will give me.

@Mark_Mwangi and @deewinc What are the power output figures on the adapter ? 12 V

Yes 12v; 3amps

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Thank you . I will get one to retire the Intel J1900 that I use with CCTV surveillance / pi hole at home .
I am planning to have the equipment running on 12volts solar power .

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Hutaki hadithi za Kenya power :joy::joy::joy: