Amazon TV Firestick

Who owns or has ever used an Amazon Fire TV stick? What are your thoughts? I’m considering getting it.
Found one on Amazon that I’m considering buying because I think it’s cheap for like 3k. Here’s the link. Advice please.

I have firestick 4k and so far I can’t complain. Make sure you get the 4k version if you don’t want any issues I’ve seen guys complaining about.

I have used the 4K version for more than a year now. It is great. A fast UI and supports lots of apps. However, for some absurd reason you can’t play Amazon Prime on Amazon Firestick 4K unless you are in the US. And No! a VPN will not work. To be honest, the moment I gather enough cash I will migrate to ShieldTV.

To solve this isssue (in my part), subscribe to prime videos, download the app on your phone, then cast it to firestick. No VPN needed. I’ve never seen Firestick cast something so well like they cast their android app content to the stick.

It’s like the app on firestick has some georestriction stuff, but on smartphone and laptop, works like a charm. Try it.

Oh, I saw this hack but then I have my firestick connected via LAN so it refused to cast (I think casting needs to be via WiFi). But that should not be happening in the first place.

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:smile: :smile: I didn’t even know it was a hack. But just create a hotspot. I agree, it shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

I did this and didn’t see the need to stay on it. Ended up canceling the subscription. It’s too much work unless you decide to get a smartphone dedicated for TV like a remote.


People also shared their thoughts on the suitability or otherwise of the firestick on this thread. Be wise, usiseme hukuambiwa.


Mi Box S is 10x better.

Thanks guys, I guess I’ll just get the Mi Box S to make my work easier